Townhomes for Sale at 135 Hardcastle Dr. in Cambridge

Townhomes for Sale at 135 Hardcastle Dr. in Cambridge

135 Hardcastle Dr. is a townhome subdivision located in the West Galt area of Cambridge.

Property Style - This is a 2 storey townhome with freehold ownership with common elements, and it is not exactly a condominium. Freehold ownership means that the buyer has complete ownership over the house and the property on which it stands, but is also solely responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and appearance of the property.

Bedrooms - There is variation in the number of bedrooms, between 2 to 3 bedrooms, making these homes suitable for buyers of various situations and sizes.

Bathrooms - There are between 2.1 to 3.1 bathrooms between units which can be chosen based on the needs or preferences of the buyer.

Square footage - Varies between approximately 1,400 to 2,000 square feet.

Year Built - Built in 2018, these homes were built in a good year for townhomes due to the innovations and benefits of the era. These include insulation, fit and finish, efficiency, water quality, and the valuation of human comforts - such as sunlight and space.

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The Galt Area

West Galt, Cambridge is a quiet neighbourhood with plenty of surrounding nature including lakes, forests, and wetlands. These natural habitats contribute to the diverse wildlife that can be spotted in common backyards.

Though these wild areas exist, it does not mean that the area is stuck in the middle of nowhere. It is close enough to Cambridge city center that shopping, eating out, going to the mechanic shop, banking, and various other activities are still within convenient reach.

There is some investment potential for these homes. For example, though it is not within walking distance, the sub-10-minute drive/20-minute walk to Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and Hi-Mark college make them good for student housing. Renting these properties out can be a good investment opportunity.

There are many attractions in the area that range from special-interest to family-friendly. Some of these attractions include:

  • Beautifully architected historical buildings such as Grace Bible Church and Central Presbyterian church.
  • The Cambridge Butterly Conservatory
  • Hamilton Family Theatre
  • McDougall Cottage Historic Site
  • Shade’s Mills Conservation Area

In addition to this, the subdivision is only 5 minutes by car from the city center of Cambridge where the grand River cuts through. The Grand River and surrounding city make for beautiful strolling, fishing, tubing, and sightseeing venues. The river is beautifully adorned by classical architecture while maintaining the clean presentation of modern design


One downside of this area could be that it is somewhat out of the way in terms of the 401 highway. However, it is surrounded in a tidy system of regional roads and local highways that ensure that is it well-integrated into the greater surrounding area.

For example, the ON-85 system ensures that the area can transit seamlessly onto the 401. Cambridge also has great public transportation integration with Waterloo as well as Kitchener through the GRT and ION systems.


There is no shortage of green spaces and natural areas in West Galt including Victoria Park (Cambridge), Heise Park, Cambridge Pollinator Preserve, Orr’s Creek, Riverbluffs Park, Dickson Park, the Grand River, and the Dumfries Conservation Area. Being as close to the Grand River as these townhomes are is definitely a major advantage.

The Grand River holds a lot of potential for leisure activities that span many industries such as wildlife photography, fishing, canoeing, tubing, biking, running, and swimming.


There are many options in terms of shopping within the town such as grocery, hardware, outdoor leisure, thrift stores, and outlet malls. Whatever a homeowner could need in their day-to-day, it’s guaranteed to be found within a short drive. Some of the major shopping districts include Pinebush and Hespeler, the Cambridge Centre, Fairview Mall, Conestoga Mall, and countless other smaller strip malls.


There are many elementary and secondary schools in the area. Still, the closest ones to this property are Highland Public School, St. Andrew’s Senior Public School, Southwood Secondary School, Central Public school, St. Gregory Catholic Elementary School, and countless other schools of varying academic levels. There are many great schools within a convenient reach and access to education, including Catholic schools, is not a concern in this area.

Historical and Cultural Landmarks

The town of Galt as a whole holds a lot of cultural significance. The village, adorned by beautifully preserved Scottish architecture and infrastructure, makes for a peaceful walk that will take you back in time. As such, there are a few very well-preserved historical sites.

One of the most notable historical sites is the Mcdougall Cottage Historical Site. It was built in 1858 on the side of the Grand River. It is pristinely preserved inside and provides a comprehensive look into what life was like around the time the house was occupied.

There is also the Canadian Pacific Railway Station at Cambridge which boasts not only historical and heritage value, but also excellent masonry and build quality for its time.

Business Parks

There are plenty of employment options in multiple different industries in Cambridge. For example, there is the Fountain Street industrial park where one can find stable employment in distribution, forklift operation, and manufacturing. These sectors include Cambridge Business park, L.G. Lovell Industrial Park, Eastern Industrial Park, and the Boxwood Business Campus.


If these townhomes as described above are something of interest to you, or you have any questions about 135 Hardcastle Drive, you can always contact us! One of our skilled local-expert agents would be more than willing to assist you.

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