Townhomes for Sale at 160 Rochefort St. in Kitchener

Townhomes for Sale at 160 Rochefort St. in Kitchener

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    About the Townhomes at 160 Rochefort St. in Kitchener

    160 Rochefort street is a townhome subdivision in the Huron area as part of Southwest Kitchener. This minimalist yet stylish modern subdivision is situated in a convenient place in terms of access to shopping and entertainment as well as the biggest natural haven that Kitchener-Waterloo has to offer.


    Bedrooms – These homes have a minimum of two bedrooms but can have up to three bedrooms, as well as one and a half – up to 2 and a half washrooms, depending on the unit.

    Size – Not including the basement, the smallest unit is 900 square feet and the largest unit is 1,350 square feet.

    Age – Built between 2019-2020, these homes were built in two stages.

    Style – Since they are stacked townhomes they offer a variety of configurations including attached bungalow/single floor as well as multi-level homes.

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      The nearby schools include:

      • Janet Metcalfe Public School
      • Jean Steckle Public School
      • Brigadoon Public School
      • Huron Heights Collegiate Institute
      • Forest Heights Collegiate Institute

      These are all great schools, but Forest Heights Collegiate Institute in particular serves as a cultural hub of both utility and entertainment among the youth. It features two pools, one of which is a lap pool that is sufficiently deep for various activities besides just lane swimming and a smaller warm pool that has its own room. They offer a variety of fun programs like aquafit and swim lessons.

      There are programs for people of all kinds and ages. Historically, this pool has been used by the Waterloo Region Artistic Swimming Club as their main venue, which speaks to how versatile one pool can be.

      Forest Heights Collegiate Institute is also home to the Kitchener Public Library where they offer not only free library access but various children’s programs, computer access, and many more resources.


      In terms of natural venues suitable for leisure activities, one does not need to look far. The nearby parks and natural areas include:

      • Parkvale Park
      • Seabrook Park
      • Rochefort Park
      • Hearthwood Park
      • Strasburg Woods
      • Natural Area
      • Strasburg Creek
      • Huron Natural Area

      Huron Park and the Huron Natural Area (HNA) are a combined 250 acres of protected forest and wetland with plenty of trails and playgrounds to explore. It is so big that it is divided further into HNA – North of Woodbine Avenue, HNA – North of Trillium, and HNA – Scenic Trail.

      The main attraction is most often the Board of Education Pond where school groups often explore, known for its abundance of visible beaver dams, chewed-through trees, basking turtles, and other beautiful examples of untouched nature. The forest is especially beautiful in all seasons:

      The cool green of the summer leaves are a refreshing breath of fresh air. The colourful reds, yellows, and oranges of early Autumn are truly one of the iconic and beautiful sights of Canada.

      Overall, as the biggest natural area of Kitchener-Waterloo, Huron Natural Area is definitely worthy of frequent exploration, and residents of 160 Rochefort Street are fortunate that it is in such close vicinity.


      On the street of 160 Rochefort Street is a Bike Trail that stretches all the way from Fischer Hallman Road to Strasburg road and far beyond. This makes it easy for cyclists of all ages to access whatever they may need in the area, since most of the Kitchener-Southwest area is linked with separated bicycle lanes. It’s certainly easier to be at ease when the bicycle lane is separate from where the cars are.

      Of course, whatever cannot be reached by bicycle can easily be reached by car. Huron Road, Bleams Road, and Fischer Hallman Road serve as the arterial hubs of transportation for the area. Homer Watson in particular along with Ottawa Street and Homer Watson Boulevard grant highway access going towards Conestoga College.

      The convenient thing about this subdivision is that it is equidistant between the two highway access points which is a very cool advantage to have at one’s disposal.

      Employment Areas

      In terms of general employment opportunities, Trillium Industrial Park and the Maintou Industrial Strip offer a lot of different positions and companies to work for.


      There are quite a few smaller shopping developments with stores peppered throughout the area with the larger Sunfish Plaza being nearby.

      There is also the Williamsburg bubble nearby which is labelled as such because of its self-contained and self-sufficient design complete with a post office, bank, grocery store, bakery, community centre, clothing store, and restaurants of both the family and fast-food variety.

      Overall, it’s a very cool and intriguing breakthrough in urban design. Almost everything a Williamsburg resident may need in their day-to-day life is accessible within a walk’s distance.

      Further Northeast there is Fairview Park Mall and Fairway Plaza across the road from the former, with Sunrise Shopping Centre to the Northwest, both being within 8 kilometres from the subdivision. The only downside is that it is not the closest to Downtown Kitchener (DTK), but it’s close enough to the aforementioned shopping centres that it’s not much of a concern.

      Everything and anything that a household may need should be purchasable within an 8 kilometer drive. Even if one were to want to visit DTK for the unique sights and entertainment that are offered in the area, it’s only a 15 minute drive.


      Overall, 160 Rochefort Street is situated in a quiet, stylish residential area with modern designs, very stroll-worthy streets, easy area access by multiple transportation modes, and an abundance of natural areas to explore and be inspired by.


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