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Are you thinking about selling your home and want to get the highest price possible? I will tell you three quickest things you can do to make sure that your home sells for the highest price possible. These are some great tips for those who don’t have a lot of time or money don’t to invest.


You need to make sure that your home shows as big as possible, you don’t want to have a bunch of furniture lying around everywhere. People kind of sneaking through the house trying to see the room, you need to just minimize everything. I usually say get rid of about 50% of your furniture.

It’s really going to make the place look bigger, it’s going to make a show better, and it’s going to show all the features of the place rather than furniture. There’s nothing worse than when you go through a house that’s 1800 sq. feet, but it feels like its 1200 sq. feet because there’s furniture everywhere. And it detracts from the features of the house.

Buyers are looking at the features, not for your furniture. I was in a property once where they had these two big chairs sitting from the fireplace, you couldn’t even really see the fireplace, even though it’s a great selling feature. So decluttering is the first and most important step you’re going to be packing up anyway. So you might do it as well before the photographer comes and takes pictures.

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A lot of people think that painting won’t make that big difference. Buyers want to paint their own colour, they want to choose their own colours, and they can imagine their own colours. But believe me 90% of the buyers out there have a hard time looking past the colour on the wall, they can’t imagine what the place would look like in a different colour.

So what you want to paint a nice neutral colour, so that everything can possibly fit in there. No, like light grey or beige, or something in between there, talk to a home stager or your real estate agent, they’ll be able to point you to the right colour to pick out. Paint the house, it looks fresh, it looks new, everything’s gonna sit in there nicely. That’s a quick job, it doesn’t cost a lot to hire someone you can even do yourself you can call friends over calling some family members over, it’s really easy to do, but has a huge impact.

When you walk into a house that has been freshly painted, all the trim is nice and white, the walls are neutral, and it looks great. And you really want to go with a neutral colour. Everyone likes neutral, it goes with everything. And that’s what the builders do. That’s a reason that when you buy a new house, all the colours are neutral. So make sure that you paint your property.

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The third point is the landscaping. Don’t go rip up your entire yard and put something else new. But just make sure that the grass is cut that the bushes are tenders and mulch everywhere. Just that it looks nice.

When somebody walks up to the property, they have a good first impression. They come inside, it’s all neat and decluttered walls are painted, it’s just going to be a better overall experience instead of somebody walking up and the bushes are growing everywhere there’s grass up to your knees. It just sets a bad tone. So even when they come inside and they like it, it’s kind of everything’s coming in from my negative tone. So make sure you take care of that landscaping.

If you can hit all three of those points before putting your home on the market. It’s going to sell quickly you’re going to get the most amount of money possible and it’s going to be hassle-free for you. Thanks.

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