Top 3 Best Catholic Elementary Schools in Cambridge

From the time your child embarks into the world, you want the very best for them. The first four or five years spent with your child are crucial. Now, the time has come time to send them off to school. As a parent, you know how important education is.

As a family with core religious values, it is equally important which Catholic school you send them to. When it comes to choosing a top Catholic Elementary School, there are some notable choices.

WRX Property Group has provided the top three contenders that are in the Cambridge area. This will give you a good idea of what is out there.

St. Elizabeth Catholic School

50 Adler Drive, Cambridge, Ontario

St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Cambridge has been devoted Christian educators for over 25 years. First opening in 1992, they have lived by the same important message. The ABCs of an “Affirming, Belonging, Community”.

St. Elizabeth is part of a vibrant community and students hold a special memory of their time spent there.

The school staff consists of about 40, including support staff and they work hard to encourage students to build important relationships and continue to nurture through learning and growth.

With approximately 370 students from Kindergarten to grade eight, St. Elizabeth is a faith-centred community who are proud to emulate the vision of its patron St. Elizabeth.

St. Elizabeth stands out as a special institution with its intense belief in developing the whole child. That involves not just the mind, but the body and spirit as well. Students are expected to have a commitment to high expectations, collaboration, and inclusivity for all.

St. Elizabeth works on all aspects of students as a whole, and that means supporting them intellectually, spiritually, and physically and encouraging them to be socially active.

Giving back to the community is something St. Elizabeth is diligent about. The Terry Fox Foundation, Jump Rope for Heart, John Howard Society and the United Way are all charitable organizations in which students and teachers have taken part. During Christmas and Easter, they also get together to host food drives for the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Students and teachers are also working together to improve the standards of the school as a healthy and environmentally friendly one. As of most recently, the Foundations for a Healthy School Program with the Region of Waterloo has been a highly successful part of student involvement.

Parents speak highly of St. Elizabeth and the great culture of the school. Parents are encouraged to receive updates on their children by subscribing to the school’s website.

St. Anne Cambridge Catholic Elementary School

127 Elgin St. North, Cambridge, ON

One of the top choices is St. Anne Cambridge, which is in close proximity to its neighbourhood Alison. Since opening its doors in 1967, St. Anne Cambridge has been a unique and caring community. The land was donated to the Waterloo Separate School Board and has merged with both St. Patrick School and St. Ambrose School.

With a staff of over fifty, providing the best quality education is at the utmost forefront for St. Anne Cambridge. They greatly strive to focus on building and strengthening a growth mindset for their students.

The campus holds twelve classrooms, instructing students from kindergarten to grade six.

St. Anne Cambridge stands out as a unique school in many ways. They are the first school to participate in the Breakfast Club, the first Block Parent Walking School Bus, and the first Food4Kids Program offered in a Cambridge School.

St. Anne is passionate about the continued development of its students, both in body and mind, with the many sports, programs, and clubs they encourage students to participate in. They are proud to offer the Skills & Tools for Emotions Awareness Program to encourage students to express themselves. They also offer a Management Program, Student Government, Eco Designated School, and Sign Language Club.

St. Anne has partnered with the Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre as a community partner and the centre is located right in the building. It offers several other courses and programs for students prior to and after school.

Family tradition is a recurring theme in the school and St. Anne believes in reflecting on family traditions in the community. Students and staff are always described as friendly and kind. They try to give back to the community by hosting fundraisers and donating to the local Food Bank and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

St. Anne’s will continue to encourage students to model the Image of Jesus; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and academically.

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School

55 Hammet Street, Cambridge, ON

Our Lady of Fatima (OLOF) is included in the top three because for over fifty years they have supported the learning opportunities of their students.

Located near the Village of Hespeler, OLOF has been educating students since 1959. Children learn to grow as faithful disciples of the Lord while receiving a quality education. The importance of both has been instilled in all teachers and students.

OLOF is part of the St. Mary of the Visitation Parish Community and often partners with them to be a part of several food drives and other campaigns throughout the year.

OLOF is proud to offer French Immersion for Kindergarten through to grade eight and Intensive French is offered to students in grades five and up.

Home of the Falcons, OLOF also has several school-centred clubs and teams available to students including intramurals, choir, drama club, and chess club. They also feature teams like Skills Canada, Student Council and WE Day Team.

The expectations of students at OLOF go further than education by preparing students and teaching them to live by the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations. That means going a step further by setting the groundwork for students to be responsible citizens, collaborative contributors, creative thinkers, and effective communicators.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right Catholic elementary school for your children and the following that have been recommended are a great start for the path to an exciting education.

If you have decided on a school that is an area that requires you to move or purchase a new home, don’t let that add to the list of considerations you have.

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