Best Daycares in Kitchener by Area

Childcare is a major determining factor for families when they are considering a move to a new area. Understandably, parents like to gather as much information as possible when it comes to this important decision.

To assist in the information-gathering process, we have put together this quick guide on the different daycares in Kitchener, sorted by area.

Of special note for daycares in Kitchener and for the Waterloo Region in general, is the use of OneList. For the vast majority of daycares in the region, parents are required to apply and register their children using this central, online portal.

Here, parents will find everything they need to know about fees, centre and home-based care, application procedures, and waiting lists. Due to potential waiting lists at some of the centres, parents are encouraged to apply as soon as they think they may require childcare. Some parents register their children on OneList before they are even born!

Let’s take a look at daycares in Kitchener!

1. Moppet Pre-School in Downtown Kitchener

171 Frederick St Kitchener, ON

Moppet Pre-School is run by a cooperative and offers half-day programs for children 2 to 5 years old. This preschool is located in Kitchener’s downtown core and is close to the 7&8 Highway, the main branch of the Kitchener Public Library, Waterloo Regional Police Central Division, the KW Art Gallery, and Conestoga College’s Downtown campus.

For over 40 years, the centre has been providing play-based instruction for children while gently preparing them for entrance into the regular school system. The preschool is held in a recently renovated classroom inside Suddaby Public School and contains a washroom and a kitchen. Children also enjoy an enclosed outdoor play area complete with age-appropriate play structures.

Downtown Kitchener (DTK) is bounded by Victoria, Weber, Benton, and Joseph streets and continues to experience ongoing growth and modernization. DTK is now home to several tech companies and start-ups, not the least of which is Google’s largest Research and Development Office.

With an influx of tech professionals moving to the area, new condominium developments are appearing such as; City Centre Condominiums, Charlie West Condominiums and DTK Condos.

A more traditional element of downtown Kitchener is the Kitchener Farmers Market which runs Tuesday to Saturday and is located at 300 King St E. Here you will find fresh produce, meat, baked goods, and craft items.

2. Pluto Daycare in King East Area in Kitchener

1418 Weber St E. Kitchener, ON

Close to restaurants, grocery stores, and Highway 7&8, Pluto Daycare is conveniently located for busy parents. This centre has a good amount of positive online feedback regarding the amount of attention the staff pay toward the safety and well-being of the children and are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for everyone that attends the centre.

Pluto Daycare prides itself on following a progressive early childhood philosophy and provides an experiential, hands-on learning program. Located in a busy urban setting, the centre still has an adequate outdoor area in the back and inside the rooms are bright and colourful. Each child is seen as an individual and the staff try their best to address the unique qualities of each child.

The King East area of Kitchener is full of character and charm. Buyers will find many war-time-era houses and century homes in this part of the city. Home to all the important amenities, this area is close to the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, a nice plus for hockey fans.

Schools in King East include; Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute and MAC Maplegrove School. Nearby Kaufman park provides plenty of greenspace for residents to play and exercise and is readily accessible to the downtown core and important services such as Service Canada.

Nearby churches include; Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church and Stirling Ave Mennonite Church.

3. Sunshine Montessori School in the Mill Courtland Area of Kitchener

10 Boniface Ave. Kitchener, ON

Located very close to Rockway Public School and Rockway Golf Course, Sunshine Montessori School is just across Highway 7&8 from the AR Kaufman YMCA. Offering programs for children 2.5 to 14 years old, this school provides a unique, continuous learning journey.

The youngest children start in the Prima-Casa program and stay until age 6 years and then move up through the higher levels. This school takes a holistic approach to learning and considers who the child will become as an adult while they are attending the programs. They strive to help each student build a strong base that will encourage them to keep learning throughout their lifetime.

The school has a large, beautiful playground and lots of green space for physical activity and sports.

The Mill Courtland Area of Kitchener is near Kaufman Park, Schneider Creek, and the Iron Horse Trans Canada Trail that runs alongside it. Pathways Educational Service along with several churches and a synagogue are also in the area.

One can find architecturally interesting homes in this part of Kitchener with its many 1940s era, all brick and stone bungalows with large, treed lots. Mill Courtland is also just a short drive to Highway 7&8, CF Fairview Park Shopping Mall, and other retail and grocery shops.

4. Child Care Plus Fairview Area in Kitchener

14 Jansen Ave. Kitchener, ON

Child Care Plus is in the Fairview Area of Kitchener, located just on the other side of Highway 7&8 from CF Fairview Park Shopping Mall. The daycare has been in operation since 1974 and is close to all major amenities.

This fully licensed centre is part of a quality initiative program called “Early Years Engage-Continuous Quality Improvement in Waterloo Region.” The staff is very committed to maintaining the highest standards in all areas of care for both the children and their families. Interest and inquiry-based activities are used to engage young learners in developing the skills and knowledge they will need in later years.

The centre has a lovely outdoor area that is well-shaded by mature trees and has a clean and colourful playground. The children are encouraged to be creative as one can see from the impressive art projects featured on the centre’s website.

The Fairview area of Kitchener is, of course, best known for the CF Fairview Park shopping mall. Once called Fairview Park Mall, the shopping centre has recently undergone major renovations.

Just off Highway 7&8, this area is packed full of retail shopping (in addition to the mall), and there are many restaurants nearby including; the Charcoal Steakhouse, Jack Astors and Swiss Chalet. There is a Food Basics grocery store and a cinema in the area and plenty of fuel stations and coffee shops.

5. Sunny Daycare in the Stanley Park Area in Kitchener

2209 Kingsway Drive, Kitchener, ON

Sunny Daycare Child Care is located very close to Highway 7&8, the HiWay Zehrs grocery store, and Wilson Park. They have been in business for over 20 years, as they opened in 1997. The centre is part of several quality initiative programs and the staff work hard to maximize each child’s learning experience.

Children enjoy a well-equipped and well-shaded outdoor area and are taken on off-site field trips which include time spent in nature. Creativity is encouraged through art projects and sensory activities are provided as well. The centre cares for children aged 16 months to 5 years old and provides lunch and snacks as part of their program.

Stanley Park is a large area of Kitchener and is home to many great amenities. Stanley Park Mall is a well-known retail destination in the area and houses a Zehrs grocery store, Shopper’s Drugmart, and a Dollar Store among many other retail options.

For nature lovers, Stanley Park Conservation Area provides the ideal spot to enjoy hiking and bird-watching along its many trails. On the south end of Stanley Park is another large greenspace called Idlewood Park which is close to Highway 7&8. Schools in the area include; Stanley Park Public School and Stanley Park Senior Public School and residents enjoy activities at the Stanley Park Community Centre.

6. JW Gerth YMCA in the Pioneer Park Area in Kitchener

171 Apple Ridge Dr. Kitchener, ON

The YMCA is Canada’s largest childcare provider and offers a consistent standard of care across the board.

Located close to Highway 401 and the Doon Creek Natural Area, JW Gerth YMCA is located in a bright, modern building with ample, well-equipped outdoor space. The centre provides care for toddlers up to school-aged children. As with all YMCA programs, family involvement is encouraged at the centre and the caregivers make it a priority to support each family with their personal needs. It is the intention of all YMCA childcare programs to not only meet the expectations set out by governing bodies but to surpass them.

Pioneer Park is a large, popular residential area located toward the south end of Kitchener. Surrounded by greenspace, this area is surrounded by parks which include; Tilt’s Bush, Upper Canada Park, Budd Park, and Homer Watson Park which is split by the Grand River.
Schools in the area include; Pioneer Park Public School and St. Timothy Catholic Elementary School.

This area is also home to Doon Pioneer Village, which features an original Pioneer homestead and the Ken Seiling Waterloo Regional Museum. There is so much to do in Pioneer park, for both residents and tourists alike.

7. Trillium Bilingual Montessori in the Hidden Valley Area in Kitchener

4195 King St. E. #201 Kitchener, ON

Located very close to Highway #8 and the Deer Ridge Golf Club, this bilingual school offers care for children 18 months to 6 years old.

Trillium Bilingual Montessori offers a holistic approach to caring for children and believes in allowing their students to independently explore and experience their environment. Children are respected as individuals while still guided to achieve and grow. The school places emphasis on the importance of healthy eating and how it impacts their students and their capacity to learn.

The school also offers an inclusive environment for those students with special needs and strives to ensure anyone who requires extra assistance or accommodation gets the help they need to be successful. Outside time is very important to the program (at least 2 hours a day) and the school asks that students come prepared for the weather.

Hidden Valley is considered Kitchener’s most upscale neighbourhood. Despite easy access to Highway 401 and amenities in the Fairview area, Hidden Vally is, hidden!

Cradled by the Grand River, homes in the area have stunning water views and are situated on large lots. Surrounded by trails and greenery, residents enjoy a secluded lifestyle while still being close to what they need. Homer Watson Park and Grand View Woods North surround the southern end of this area, making the neighbourhood a hiker’s paradise.

8. Brigadoon YMCA in the Doon Area in Kitchener

415 Caryndale Dr. Kitchener, ON

The YMCA is Canada’s largest childcare provider and offers a consistent standard of care across the board.

Located a short drive to Highway 401, Brigadoon YMCA is located in a bright, modern building with ample, well-equipped outdoor space. Near Strasburg Creek and Brigadoon Woods, the centre provides care for toddlers up to school-aged children.

As with all YMCA programs, family involvement is encouraged at the centre and the caregivers make it a priority to support each family with their personal needs. It is the intention of all YMCA childcare programs to not only meet the expectations set out by governing bodies but to surpass them.

The Doon area of Kitchener is home to the main campus of Conestoga College and is easily accessible to Highway 401. An area brimming with retail, grocery, and restaurant options, it’s no wonder many families choose this neighbourhood to set down roots.

Surrounded by greenspaces such as Tilt Trail Park and Greenway, Doon is a great location for those who enjoy the outdoors. There are also numerous playgrounds for the younger residents and a busy library location that has just undergone an extensive renovation.

9. Williamsburg YMCA Childcare in the Huron Area in Kitchener

760 Commonwealth Crescent, Kitchener, ON

The Williamsburg YMCA Childcare is located in the Williamsburg Public School in the south end of Kitchener. The YMCA is the largest national provider of childcare and prides itself on consistently meeting and exceeding both government and parental expectations.

Close to restaurants, grocery stores, and a largely residential area, the Williamsburg YMCA Childcare centre shares its facility with the public school, however, it operates independently. Children that attend the centre enjoy a bright, clean facility with ample, fenced outdoor space for play.

The Huron area of Kitchener is situated in the south end of the city and borders the countryside heading into Wilmot township. Huron has seen massive growth in recent years with new expansion of existing subdivisions happening all over the area. These include Huron Village and Huron Gardens.

Schools in the area include Jean Steckle Elementary School and Huron Heights Secondary School. Amenities in the Huron area are establishing themselves quickly with the construction of several new plazas, businesses, and retail and grocery outlets.

For nature lovers, Huron is bursting with green space and trail options for hiking. Huron natural area is a favourite with residents and has a natural playground for kids to enjoy as well.

10. Rising Oaks Early Learning - John Sweeney in the Laurentian Area in Kitchener

185 Activa Avenue, Kitchener, ON

Rising Oaks Early Learning - John Sweeney is located in the Williamsburg/Laurentian area of Kitchener. This daycare offers full and part-time care for children aged 18 months to 5 years, as well as before and after-school care for the JK to age 12 students of John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School.

The daycare has been in operation since 2003 and offers an extensive play-based program to the children that attend. Different types of play are encouraged for each age group and include; unoccupied, spectator, solitary, parallel, associative, and cooperative play. Play is respected as the primary way children learn about the world and is considered their “work” as they develop into knowledgeable and capable adults.

Rising Oaks Early Learning is a facility that offers a wide range of care for the children in the Laurelwood community and is popular with local families. Its convenient location in John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School makes it easy for children to transition from daycare to elementary school.

The Laurentian area of Kitchener is now more of an established part of the city with its homes mainly constructed during the 1970s and 1980s. Located close to all the important amenities, residents are always just a short drive or walk from grocery stores, coffee shops, schools, and other retail outlets. Mature trees line the area and parks are in abundance. Eby Woods and the Laurentian Wetland are just two local places people can get outside and enjoy nature.

11. Garderie Des Lutins-Kitchener Country Hills/ Strasburg Area in Kitchener

345 The Country Way, Kitchener, ON

Garderie Des Lutins-Kitchener is a French language daycare located in the Cardinal Leger Catholic Elementary School, near the Country Hills/Strasburg area of Kitchener. The centre provides care for children 18 months to 4 years old.

The bright, clean facility houses caring staff and provides lots of opportunities for children to interact and socialize all while learning the French language. There is plenty of green space nearby as the daycare is located close to the J. Steckle Heritage Farm and Countryside Park.

The Country Hills / Strasburg area of Kitchener is located in the south/central part of the city and is home to many amenities. Built up during the 1980s and early 1990s, this neighbourhood has many parks, and playgrounds, and Balzer Creek also runs through it.

The Country Hills Community Centre is a popular place for residents looking to enjoy some basketball or outdoor skating in the winter months. Country Hills Public School is the local school with St. Mary’s Highschool located in Country Hills East.

The Strasburg area runs down along the west side of Country Hills and offers very similar amenities and types of homes. Also home to plenty of green space, this area has Strasburg Creek, a 3.3-mile loop trail that is considered an appropriate hike for beginners and experts alike. Strasburg also has plenty of grocery stores, retail businesses, coffee shops, and churches for residents of the area.

12. EYES Child Care Kitchener in the Forest Heights/Forest Hill Area of Kitchener

1284 Ottawa St S, Kitchener, ON

Established in 1999, EYES (Early Years Education System) Child Care is located very close to Highway 7&8 and the Forest Heights/Forest Hill area of Kitchener and provides care for children 6 weeks to 12 years old. Committed to giving every child a positive experience, the daycare takes a holistic approach to caring for and teaching the children that attend.

EYES strives to provide a stimulating program that fosters creativity and builds independence while providing guidance and a safe, protected environment for the children. Their programs include; infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, nursery, summer camps, March Break and PA daycare, tutoring, and Montessori.

Forest Heights is a popular residential area of Kitchener that was established in the late 1970s and built up through the 1980s into the 1990s. It is close to recreational activities such as numerous parks, trails, and baseball diamonds and is home to many schools including; Westheights Public School and Forest Heights Collegiate Institute.

The high school is adjoined by a branch of the Kitchener Public Library (KPL) and a swimming pool that offers swimming lessons for all members of the community.

Forest Hill is a neigbourhood to the west of Forest Heights. Slightly older than the latter, Forest Hill contains homes built from the late 1960s through the early 1980s.

Close to Highway 7&8, this area is established with mature trees and larger-than-average lots. Also close to all major amenities, this neighbourhood is attractive to younger families or those wishing to renovate and update a home. Schools in the area include; St. Paul’s Catholic School and Forest Hill Public School.

13. YMCA-St. Paul Childcare Centre in the Westheights Area in Kitchener

45 Birchcliff Ave. Kitchener, ON

The YMCA is Canada’s largest childcare provider and offers a consistent standard of care across the board.

Located a short drive to Highway 7&8, YMCA - St. Paul Childcare is located in a bright, modern building with ample, well-equipped outdoor space. Located across the street from Cloverdale Park, the location has access to plenty of green space.

As with all YMCA programs, family involvement is encouraged at the centre and the caregivers make it a priority to support each family with their personal needs. It is the intention of all YMCA childcare programs to not only meet the expectations set out by governing bodies but to surpass them.

The Westheights area of Kitchener is surrounded by Forest Heights and is a residential area established in the early 1980s. Close to all the important amenities, this area is home to Westheights Public School, St. Mark Catholic Elementary School, and the Westheights Park Natural Area which also connects to Trailview Park.

14. Westvale Child Care Centre in the Westmount Area of Kitchener

265 Westvale Dr. Waterloo, ON.

The Westvale Child Care Centre is near the Westmount Area of Kitchener and is part of the Jacob Hespeler Childcare Centre group of daycare locations. Located near Westvale Park, just west of Westmount Golf and Country Club this centre is run by a volunteer board comprised of parents, the community, and the school board.

Children from infancy up to age 12 are provided with care here as the centre is conveniently located within Westvale Public School. Staff hold communication, professionalism, and relationships in high esteem and strive to provide a respectful, nurturing environment for all within their care.

Sitting centrally and slightly west within Kitchener, the Westmount area is an established residential area with beautiful older homes from the mid-century.

Nestled in mature trees, these character properties are close to all the needed amenities and make the neighbourhood one of the most beautiful in Kitchener. Schools in the area include; Westmount Public School and Legacy 5. The downtown area is also easily accessible from Westmount as is Grand River Hospital.

15. Little Champs Academy of Learning in the Victoria Hills Area in Kitchener

24 Westmount Rd W, Kitchener, ON

Little Champs Academy of Learning is centrally located near the Victoria Hills area of Kitchener. Close to St. Mary’s Hospital, the centre is very close to Lakeshore Park. Licensed in 2014, the centre cares for children 18 months to 5 years old.

The daycare is part of the Waterloo Region Raising the Bar Quality initiative, a community program that measures the standards of childcare in the region. Staff focuses on providing opportunities for cognitive development, creativity, motor skills, and social exchange.

Each staff member is a certified Early Childhood Educator who is registered with the College of ECE. They are also required to have a police check, and valid first-aid and CPR certifications.

Victoria Hills is located in the west area of Kitchener and is close to the Waterloo border. Situated on either side of Westmount Rd. this area is very conveniently located close to all the important amenities.

The KW Gymnastics Club, Victoria Hills Community Centre as well as several grocery and retail stores call this area home. A.R. Kaufman Public School as well as the Victoria Learning Centre are in Victoria Hills in addition to the large greenspace of Filsinger Park Greenway.

16. Victoria Learning Centre in the Belmont Village area of Kitchener

592 Victoria St S, Kitchener, ON

Victoria Learning Centre has been in operation for over 40 years, with new management taking over the centre in 2013. Located centrally in Kitchener, the centre is close to Belmont Village, and a short drive from Highway 7&8.

The centre is a member of the Raising the Bar Quality Program and prides itself on getting children excited about learning. Children from 16 months to 5 years old are cared for at Victoria Learning Centre and the staff strives to create a stimulating environment in which the children can safely and confidently explore their world and interact with one another.

The Belmont Village area of Kitchener has undergone a major re-vamp in recent years and has become popular with younger families due to its culinary gems and trendy shops. Centrally located within Kitchener, older, war-time houses in the area have been given a face-lift and condominium developments are looking like they will be part of the housing options for this area as well.


Kitchener, Ontario is a beautiful, popular place to live. Bursting with all the necessary amenities including the all-important childcare options, it is no wonder so many people are now choosing to call this area home.

If you or anyone you know is considering a move to Kitchener and requires more information on the area, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help anytime.