Best Private Catholic Schools in Cambridge

All families would agree that education is vital to a child’s opportunities in life and is directly connected to where they went to school. Private faith based schools have so much to offer with smaller class sizes private schools are able to put the child first not only in the academic sphere but also in the other important aspects of a child’s education such as the arts as well as athletics.

Families will be happy to know that Cambridge has many faith based private schools each with their own attractive qualities which makes them unique to the Cambridge city.

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what makes these private schools special and find out why being part of the Cambridge community is something all families should consider. Our three top picks for Catholic private schools in the Cambridge district are.

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Morningside Montessori School

Located at 450 King st east Cambridge On Morningside Montessori school was the reader’s choice award year after year in the Cambridge Times and voted top private school since 2013 in Cambridge.

There is a reason for this Morningside offers quality education. One thing to keep in mind is that education starts as early as 16 months to the age of six. Toddlers will get an early start to a powerful structure in education.

Morningside has a 12 month toddler program which sets them apart when thinking about the placement of toddler children, they also offer a Casa program which is the 10 month school program that will include summer camp. The Casa program is special as it will encompass education as well as extracurricular programs such as summer camp for the entire year.

This is a great relief to families knowing that at the end of the school year they will have their children in familiar settings also in the summer months, any parent that knows how difficult it is when finding and securing summer camp programs can rest knowing that at Morningside Montessori a successful academic year will be followed by a summer camp, this is special because parents will not be left scrambling as Morningside is able to offer young children a full year private school experience which covers all aspects of the calendar year fall and summer.

Some powerful testimonials come from the actual families who have pleasant experiences at the private school where community is an important part of the decision made when picking a private school. “We have met wonderful families and teachers. Morningside has had a big impact on our child’s development“( Paula and Mark).

If there is anyone concerned that their child would not fit into a private school structure, parents are able to confirm that Morningside Montessori will work with a child and find a place where all children will be accommodated.” I love how everyone is so friendly and accommodating. My child loves it there and I can see improvement in her skills“(mom).

I am very confident that parents will find the same pleasant experience that our research did where Morningside families will discover that there is more to preschool than just placement.

Morningside Montessori will be there for the child’s full development which will make all families happy to know that Morningside in Cambridge might just be the right fit for their family.

Brason Academy

Brason Academy located at 1 Groh Avenue in Cambridge is a private school that all families should consider. Brason Academy will offer a program that will start for toddlers anywhere from 18 to 30 months and go to the age of six. Small classes are a big part of learning at Brason with a teacher child ratio of one teacher to just five children.

What also makes Brason Academy unique is that of the many steps that they have chosen to develop a child with a focus on motor skills, every child would have one uninterrupted cycle followed with time for every child to explore their own class environment.

Toddlers will be able to develop their independence and self reliance which will be a great help to learning life skills like dressing, grooming and hygiene. Language is another very important aspect of learning at Brason Academy with language acquisition having children incorporate music and movement to their learning experience.

One important element to learning at Brason Academy that must not be overlooked is how much effort goes into children developing their social interactions. Teachers will be there to foster healthy social and meaningful relationships with each other. Parents should begin with visiting their well put together website where programs are discussed in detail.

There you will find a very powerful message from the director of Brason Academy where the indication is that academics must include keeping children content with their learning experience “aim is for Brason Academy to be a place where children are happy” this is important because as much as parents try to find the perfect private school fit for them the happiness of the child must be part of the education decision equation.

We chose Brason Academy as one of the top three because Brason Academy is one school where children will be in a position to take the time to discover their own best way of learning.

Families can feel positive about exploring Brason Academy as they are both professional in regards to the academics of a child as well as welcoming all families in Cambridge.


St.John’s-Kilmarnock private school is located at 2201 Shantz Station Road. St.Johns-Kilmarnock can truly be seen as a top level private school with so much to offer. Student learning will begin in junior kindergarten and go right through the grade 12.

What makes SJK unique and stand above the rest is the fact that SJK is the only accredited International Baccalaureate world continuum school in Southwestern Ontario.

The school is appealing on so many fronts for one they are located in a vast natural campus with a chapel on its grounds. Which just screams for student engagement. Children will be encouraged to reach their full potential with an instruction that will be inquiry-based.

There are many key elements at SJK as a district contender in private school learning for one SJK will maintain average class sizes to 16 students per class which lets you know that the size is perfect for fostering both academics as well as student social engagement, millions have been spent on creating a polished learning infrastructure which can easily be seen when one visits their well done website.

One thing that cannot be missed is their post secondary admission rate which is an incredible 100%. What makes this school special is the fact that young children will be able to grow into young adults and they will be prepared for both post secondary life as well as contributing members of a positive healthy society.

Families should not be discouraged by the tuition cost to attend SJK as there are different costs that vary from early grades to the higher boarding school student fees.

There is a real great sense that SJK has all the tools needed to develop a child both academically as well as enriching a child on their personal growth journey.

St.John Kilmarnock is one private school that families must visit when making their decision when choosing a private school. There are many good private schools in the Cambridge area St. John’s Kilmarnok really could be considered the best there is to offer in private school education.

We all know how important education is to families. When making decisions in choosing a private school that will be the perfect fit can be overwhelming as there is so much to choose from in the Cambridge area.

Beautiful neighborhoods where families can grow will need to have great schools to be part of their home planning process. If you are considering moving or buying please feel free to contact one of our friendly agents at WRX property group that knows the areas of these great schools in great detail and will be able to help you find the perfect home to grow your family in.

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