Best Private Elementary Schools in Kitchener-Waterloo

One of the most important things you want for your children is a quality education. Choosing a private elementary school can be daunting with so many choices.

The first few years of your child’s education are vital for sending them on the best educational path. If you have recently moved, you might not be familiar with the area and what schools are close by.

If you are preparing for your children to enroll in private elementary school, you might be wondering which are recommended and the most prestigious.

You can save a bit of time researching because we have picked the top three private elementary schools in the Kitchener and Waterloo areas.

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Sunshine Montessori School

10 Boniface Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario

Sunshine Montessori School (SMS) is a top pick because of what they stand for. They stand behind the philosophies of a historic physician and educator who believed education to be a natural process for each child individually.

At SMS, students are encouraged to flourish and teachers build on their natural desire to learn. Not only do children work at their own level, but they learn to challenge themselves by relating to younger and older peers around them.

Diversity is a huge part of the overall theme of SMS. One quality that sets them apart from other schools is an integrated curriculum that consists of balancing the physical universe, the natural world, and the human experience. They encourage diversity in the classrooms and the majority of teachers speak more than one language.

SMS offers Prima Casa and Casa classrooms, welcoming children between the ages of 2.5 and six years. They also offer a Lower Elementary programme, that includes grades one to three, Upper Elementary of grades four to six, and Junior High, consisting of grades seven and eight.

Students get the most out of the specialty programs, sports, and co-curricular activities. SMS prepares students to the fullest and those who graduate are more than prepared to enter high school with confidence.

The feedback from parents is nothing but positive. They have expressed the gentle kindness of teachers and staff and noted the personalized teaching of every individual child.

SMS encourages families to attend an Open House, or book a school visit to get the full experience of where your child might be attending in the future.

St. John’s-Kilmarnock School

2201 Shantz Station Road, Waterloo Region (Breslau), Ontario

A gorgeous campus, surrounded by nature, St. John’s-Kilmarnock School (SJK) sits on 36 acres and is just minutes away from Waterloo and Kitchener. Founded in 1972, SJK is on a mission to provide children with the best possible education, with confidence for the future. They believe in a student-centred approach and capturing students’ strengths to foster them.

SJK stands out as a unique choice based on the overall theme of its facility: Community, Campus, and Continuum. These themes focus on the significance of a natural school culture and treating each student as an individual, with different educational needs.

They also believe in building core relationships and that is why their technology-free dining hall is something they are proud of.

At SJK your child’s educational journey begins with the Primary Years Programme ranging from Junior Kindergarten to grade six, their Middle Years Programme, from grades seven to ten, and even their Diploma Programme which is grades 11-12.

Students who attend SJK will also have the International Baccalaureate (IB) advantage, which only a few schools in Canada have. IB is a global leader in international education and this is a focus of the curriculum at SJK.

SJK also offers many opportunities for students outside the classroom with its enriched arts program, students are offered in-class or co-curricular activities. These include visual arts, music, drama, and dance. They also have access to four outdoor playing fields, a gymnasium, a fitness centre, and more.

Those who have been to the campus are impressed with the design and even the thoughtful decoration. You can take a virtual tour, or book a trip inside to discover all the campus offers.

Kitchener-Waterloo Bilingual School

600 Erb Street West, Waterloo, Ontario

Founded in 1966, Kitchener-Waterloo Bilingual School (K-W Bilingual) was actually established by a group of parents who wanted their children to have a bilingual education.

Today, K-W prides itself on a family-like culture and academic excellence. They believe children thrive in a positive atmosphere and that motivates students to learn.

KW believes in using technology in the classroom as an innovative approach to teaching through learning and exploring. Through their digital citizenship, students are also educated on the appropriate use of technology, including internet safety, cyberbullying, and more.

They offer bilingual education for Kindergarten to grade eight. They provide small classroom sizes for Kindergarten to grade two. This offers hands-on learning at such a crucial age.

They also provide a variety of enrichment activities to encourage your child to excel. These include spelling bees, math clubs, and science fairs. The Athletics Club offers the benefits of physical education and students in grades six to eight can try out for varsity team sports. They also offer a wide variety of activities and clubs.

K-W Bilingual believes in having constant open communication, so parents are always on track with how their child is progressing. Evaluating students is their way of providing feedback, setting goals for students, and gaining confidence to improve.

The list of testimonials from families and students provides positive feedback and high recommendations. The quality of programs and teachers is something that has been a recurring positive attribute of the school. Students have said they always felt like they had the full attention of their instructors.

The next step is deciding which of these choices best suit you and your family. Doing a bit of your own research will provide you with some choices, but the top three we have provided are a good start.

Getting in contact with either of the above choices and looking at the campuses is the next step to get you closer to the best education your child deserves. Best of luck with your search and if you are considering moving to any of the locations, or purchasing a home, be sure to contact us.

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