Bungalows for Sale in Cambridge

Bungalows for Sale in Cambridge

In this article we’re going to cover bungalows for sale in Cambridge, Ontario. The portal above shows current active listings, with the newest being first. You can see details about each property listed, as well as start your own search which can highlight target areas, filter and sort according to price and details, save your preferences, mark properties as favourites so you can easily find them later, and more!

Cambridge is a city which adjoins the Guelph and Kitchener / Waterloo areas. All areas have access to major highways for commuters and neighbouring cities and towns for a diverse range of amenities. The Grand River runs throughout the city which is comprised of many family-friendly, historic communities.

There are Conestoga College campuses as well as many high schools and elementary schools in both the public and catholic school boards. Many Conestoga College campuses are located in Cambridge and surrounding area, along with University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Cambridge contains a wide variety of older and newer homes ranging in style and size.

Activities in Cambridge include Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, Farmer’s Market, “Christmas in Cambridge”, Dragon Boat Festival, Santa Claus Parade, and Centre of the Arts. For the outdoor enthusiasts there are systems of trails to bike and hike in the warmer months, including Rail Trails and Grand River trails. In the colder months you’ll find many public skating areas and tobogganing options.

There are many parks to enjoy in Cambridge including Shade’s Mill, Riverside, Mill Run, and Churchill. Cambridge is a city rich with history, culture, and community, and is home to the most historic bridges in region!

Popular Areas to Find Bungalows in Cambridge

East Galt – Located directly east of the city centre and sits along the Grand River. This is an historic area with brick homes and older downtown buildings. Centennial and Soper Park are found here. All the amenities are close by mixed with the charm and character of historic buildings.

West Galt – Located directly north west and about 5 minutes drive from Cambridge. This area is also closer to Conestoga College. The Grand River separates Blair / Blair Rd from the bustle of the city, making it a quiet, mostly residential area with large properties and more privacy. You’ll find Grand River trails, Cambridge Sculpture Garden, Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, Whistle Bear Golf Club, and Grand Valley Golf & Country Club here.

Preston Centre/Downtown Preston – Located in the upper north west area of Cambridge. Here you’ll find large parks, friendly communities, and historical brick homes. Just a 10 minute drive to downtown Cambridge with access to major highways and Conestoga College Doon campus only a few minutes away. The Grand River runs throughout with trails and parks to enjoy.

Greenway-Chaplin – Located north of central Cambridge and less than 10 minutes drive to the city centre. This area also composes a large portion of the city and offers beautiful views of the Grand River while driving. Cambridge Centre Mall and many other stores and restaurants are found in this area. Close by is the hospital, along with Riverbluffs Park, Shade’s Mill, and Dumfries Conservation Area.

Fiddlesticks – Located in the north east area of Cambridge, about 11 minutes from the city centre. Fiddlesticks composes a large portion of Cambridge and is home to the amazing Cambridge Sports Park. Shade’s Mills Conservation Area is also here - a large park with swimming, fishing, forested hiking trails & winter activities like ice fishing. The north end of Fiddlesticks is industrial and the south is residential. This area also borders on Barber’s Beach and the town of Puslinch which leads to Guelph.

Hespeler – Located in the most northern area of Cambridge, about 14 minutes drive to the city centre, with easy access to the 401. The Speed River and Mill Pond are here - enjoy the scenery as you bike or walk on the trails! There are many beautiful parks in this area of Cambridge, which is mostly residential living with large yard spaces, along with a busy downtown area with shops and services.

Hespeler Village – A cute and cozy, family-friendly neighbourhood within the Hespeler area. Full of historic homes and meandering streets, this quiet and peaceful place is close to many parks and charming shops.

What Are Bungalows

A bungalow is either a single story or 1½ story house with no stairs in most cases and less square footage than a typical single family home.

The bungaloft is a variation of the traditional bungalow in which a second level space in the home overlooks the main areas. And the raised bungalow is a variation that is built a few feet above grade to make room for larger in the basement.

Other variations of bungalows have multiple levels and include a side split which means the different levels are seen from the front of the house, and a back split which means the different levels are seen only from the side and back of the house. The floors in these homes are usually staggered.

Advantages of Bungalows

Lack of Stairs - There are usually no stairs in a traditional bungalow house – this is good news for people who have trouble with mobility issues or have small children.

Newer Bungalows Have Great Style – These homes aren’t only for retirees as some newer bungalows are modern and luxurious.

Interesting Designs – There are some unique bungalow variations like bungalow townhouses in which the houses are attached to one another.

More Space! – When it comes to raised bungalows or bungalofts, you can actually have a lot of additional space, especially if you factor in the basement and attic space.

Cost-Efficient – Heating and cooling costs tend to be lower while the property value tends to remain high.

Privacy – Bungalows are at ground level and any trees, shrubs, or fences add privacy.

Disadvantages of Bungalows

Expensive – Compared to other property styles, bungalows tend to be in the category of a higher price range.

Stairs Sometimes – If the house contains a basement or an attic there will be stairs. This is also true if the house is a bungalow variation like a raised bungalow or bungaloft.

Room Size and Quantity – Bungalows often have smaller rooms and less of them.

Security – Vulnerability to break-ins can increase with a home on ground level.

In Conclusion

Feel free to use the portal above for your online home search, it’s free and super easy! And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you need help with your real estate journey.