Catholic High Schools in Cambridge

As we all know, the Tri-Cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge are great places to live and work. Access to essential amenities, particularly schools, is a major reason so many homeowners choose to relocate to this area.

The Tri-Cities is home to over 120 publicly funded schools, which include both public and Catholic schools. Cambridge alone has 69 schools, offering families a wide variety of educational options depending on their personal preferences and catchment areas.

For families that are desiring a Catholic education for their children and are considering a move to the area, Cambridge offers some excellent options, including three Catholic high schools. In this article, we focus on these three schools and what they have to offer.

Read on for all the important details!

Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School

Known as “Doyle” to those who are affiliated with this school, Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School is the second smallest school under the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

Located at 185 Myers Rd, in the south end of Cambridge, south Galt to be precise, the school is situated near beautiful Churchill Park, just off Water St./highway 24.

With approximately 1060 students and 112 staff members, Monsignor Doyle has undergone two major expansions since its inception in 1976 when it started out as a middle school. The building’s outer facade is modern and clean and the school grounds are expansive, with lots of greenery and room for outdoor activities.

Becoming a Monsignor “Mustang” means; wearing a cool uniform (surprisingly, there are various styles), having access to lots of student support, and learning in a close-knit, Catholic community.

Students who are into wrestling, track & field, soccer, volleyball, or even badminton, will perhaps have the opportunity to join the ranks of Monsignor Doyle’s star athletes, as the school is well-known for its performance in these sports. Of particular note, is the Mustang’s wrestling team who has been consistently bringing home the CWOSSA title for over a decade now.

Monsignor Doyle also prides itself on its outreach activities in the name of sharing and giving back to the community. Students and staff often volunteer for various organizations providing help for the hungry and poor both locally and around the world.

For those considering enrolling at Monsignor Doyle, transportation is available for catchment students living outside the immediate vicinity of the school. For those living closer to the school, finding your own transportation is necessary. For more details on transportation and catchment borders you can take a look at the boundary map.

Saint Benedict Catholic Secondary School

Saint Benedict Catholic Secondary School is located at 50 Saginaw Parkway in the Preston area of Cambridge. Surrounded by retail and grocery outlets, this school is central to many amenities and major transportation routes.

Referred to as “Benny’s”, this school is home to the Saints and has well over 1500 students and over 100 staff members. The current building was erected in 1997, replacing the original dwelling that was built in the 1960s.

Saint Benedict has continued with structural improvements over the years. From 2002-2003, a three-story expansion was added including; a metal shop, cosmetology studio, and additional classrooms. In 2018, the school renovated the library into what is now called the Learning Commons, complete with an entrance for the general public.

Despite its location in a busy, urban environment, Saint Benedict offers plenty of outdoor space, including a large, state-of-the-art track area, basketball court, and public gazebo. Many other schools travel to Saint Benedict to use the track facilities.

Public transportation to the school is available through Grand River Transit and prospective students seeking bussing through the school board can see here for further details on eligibility.

Like most faith-based schools, Saint Benedict requires its students to wear a uniform and offers a variety of options. Expectations around student behavior and academic achievement are quite high and expressed clearly on the school’s website.

Saint Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School

Saint Don Bosco opened in September of 2010 and offers a much-needed and unique alternative for high school students who struggle to thrive in the regular school system.

With two campus locations, 425 Bishop St N #16, Cambridge, and 77 Young St. in Kitchener, at-risk youth have a secondary-school option that provides them with one on one instruction and the support they need to complete high school and move on to their desired vocation.

The Cambridge campus is located very close to major transportation routes and is in close proximity to the Cambridge Centre (mall) and the many businesses along this busy stretch of highway 24.

Public transportation to the Cambridge campus is available through the Grand River Transit city bus system.

Students attending Saint Don Bosco must be referred to the program and meet specific criteria for enrollment. Once accepted into the program, students are encouraged and supported to obtain academic credit through instruction in technology, independent study, and group work.

Students are also required to engage with the general community by serving with community organizations such as the local food bank and the Working Centre where they help refurbish old bicycles for those in need.

The school also offers students healthy meals and snacks as many suffer from addiction and substance abuse issues. Through learning about the importance of nutrition, students are better able to support their own physical and mental health going forward.

Saint Don Bosco has an excellent reputation both in the general community and with students alike. Students of the program often express their gratitude for the school and teachers that are dedicated to serving this segment of the student population.

To learn more about this unique program, students and parents are encouraged to visit the school website for contact information.


Despite being the smallest of the Tri-Cities, Cambridge offers some excellent options when it comes to Catholic high schools.

Thanks to the Grand River Transit system, students have access to all three Catholic high schools in Cambridge and can even attend a school outside of their catchment area if the necessary requirements are meant.

If you or anyone you know is considering a move to a neighbourhood served by these high schools, or anywhere else in the Tri-Cities area, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We are happy to assist!

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