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Waterloo Catholic District School Board

Their student base consists of elementary and secondary school students as well as adult and continuing education students. Their staff roster includes teachers, educational assistants, support and administrative staff staff, youth care workers, as well as chaplains.

In this article we’re going to take a look at the four secondary schools located in Kitchener-Waterloo under the Waterloo Catholic School Board. The selection is actually quite diverse, with each school providing it’s own strengths and specialties.

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Resurrection Catholic Secondary School

Resurrection Catholic Secondary is one of the most prestigious Catholic schools in the province. The school first opened its doors in 1990, taking place of its predecessor St. Jerome’s High School.

While the term “resurrection” is a biblical reference, it is also a reference to the school’s reopening and reconfiguration.

Their mission statement is: “Learning to meet the challenges of the future; Growing in our Catholic faith; and Building a better community”
Resurrection boasts a strong arsenal of academic programs and resources, excelling in academic performance, arts, and athletics, all while nurturing strong Catholic and community values.

While topping the regional rankings for EQAO results, this high school also brings in medals for an assortment of competitions including Writing, Computer Science, Robotics, Math, Science, as well as Business.

Artistic spirits are encouraged to flourish at Resurrection through the many productions they put on including theatre, art exhibits, video, as well as displays of cosmetology.

The student body frequently participates in charitable activities and fundraisers, being champions of campaigns such as the Terry Fox Run as well as their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Their athletics department is as determined and skilled as the rest of their areas of study, earning quite a name for itself in the province. Resurrection offers every sport available through the District as well as a selection of intramural activities for all students out there.

Indeed, Resurrection prides itself in promoting excellence in all possible fields, encompassing the mind and body, as well as the heart and spirit.

St. Mary’s High School

Proud home of the Eagles, St Mary’s High School teaches a body of approximately 1800 students.

It is located in the Country Hills area in Kitchener, boasting quite an impressive and technologically equipped educational establishment.

This high school has a long history, starting from its humble beginnings in the very early 1900s. Over time, it grew and developed, taking on many forms. It’s current iteration is the facility we see today, near Blockline Rd. and Homer Watson Blvd.

St Mary’s is currently a technological powerhouse when it comes to teaching resources and environments. They have state of the art science and computer laboratories, a full on auditorium and chapel, as well as a triple gym and two natural turf playing fields.

Students have access to wi-fi everywhere on campus, and classes are equipped with interactive projection technology. Their main library space is the Country Hills KPL.

St. David Catholic Secondary School

St. David Catholic Secondary School is home of the Celtics, proudly promoting Catholic teachings as well as personal and spiritual development.

True to its patron saint, they encourage their students not to simply walk the path of community-minded values, but to be fearless leaders along the way.

St. David prides themselves in being leaders, educating and building strong spirits who will grow and give back to their community.

They put emphasis on Innovative Technologies, Robotics, Athletics, Academics, and the Performing Arts. The faculty strives to equip each student with all the critical skills needed to triumph in the 21st century.

Their well equipped and forward thinking campus is complemented by their international student program which welcomes visa students from abroad, integrating them into the courses as well as the Liturgies.

A symbolic centre-piece of the school is the beautiful sculpture by famed artist Timothy Schmalz entitled “When I was a Stranger.” The life-sized sculpture in bronze takes a central location on the school’s premises, surrounded by eight chairs, and creating a gathering place.

This is to create a quiet space for students to gather, but also to create an opportunity to meditate and find one’s direction.

While a great deal of academic expectations are placed on the shoulders of all students, it may sometimes be overlooked that students are also in a search for their own direction and purpose in life.

This place of reflection speaks to that, prompting those around to take a moment to contemplate. This is because, as mentioned before, St. David wants its students not just to walk a kind and spiritually enriched path, but to bravely lead the way ahead for those around them.

St. Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School Kitchener Campus

St. Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School is the Catholic School Board’s alternative high school geared toward adult and senior level students. It features two campuses, one in Kitchener, and one in Cambridge.

St. Don Bosco strives to ensure all students meet and exceed the requirements they need for specific post-secondary studies or for employment.

The faculty works hard to foster resilience, individuality, creativity, and community, all with the goal of building up students into successful life-long learners.
“Success for each, a place for all” is their mission statement.

Their many programs include optional independent learning courses, literacy courses (including provision of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test), credit recovery programs, as well as physical education classes.

The staff work very closely with youth care workers, social workers, as well as members of other local organizations.

One of the great features of this campus is the fact that they offer co-op programs as well, including career days and service learning programs.

St. Don Bosco is a great choice for adult or returning students because the environment is set up to help students unlock critical skills while finding the best career path to apply them to.

The St. Don Bosco staff are proud to see cohort after cohort go and find either their dream job or their ideal post-secondary career.

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456 FOUNTAIN Street S, Cambridge, N3H1J3

456 FOUNTAIN Street, Cambridge, Ontario N3H1J3

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27 MCCABE Court, Kitchener, N2E2W9

27 MCCABE Court, Kitchener, Ontario N2E2W9

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63 DUNBAR Road S, Waterloo, N2L2E2

63 DUNBAR Road, Waterloo, Ontario N2L2E2

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Captivating with original charm coupled with comfort of new! Centrally located only 2.3 kilometers from the University of Waterloo in the extremely sought-after Uptown area, this 5BR/2BA, 1,962 sqft property delights with a stunning red brick exterior, an inviting covered front porch, and beautiful mature landscaping.
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