Condos for Sale in Uptown Waterloo

Condos for Sale in Uptown Waterloo

Condos for Sale in Uptown Waterloo

What do you know about living in a condo? Condo developments are being built quicker than ever and show no signs of slowing down.

Condominiums can be the perfect space for those who enjoy the convenience of being close to most amenities they need and feeling a sense of security in a suite stories above.

Uptown Waterloo is a charming neighbourhood with most homes over fifty years old. The area is easy to get around via transit or just walking around. Public transit is frequent and there are many bus stops. The atmosphere is friendly and there is always something going on around the bustling city.

The real estate is quite diverse and there are plenty of condo developments to choose from. So what is it like living in a condo?

Uptown Waterloo is a popular spot for many residents. Here are some reasons:

  • Less expensive than Toronto
  • Easier to get around
  • Close to prestigious universities
  • Close to amenities

Some cons to living in Upper Waterloo:

  • The area has a lot of nightlife (which can be good), however this means it's not the most quiet area

Why Choose Condo Living?

You might be considering purchasing a condo and there is a list of pros and cons that will help you decide if it is the right move for you. All types of people with different lifestyles enjoy condo living, from young couples to new and seasoned retirees.

Pros of Condo Living

Security: Many individuals choose to live in a condo for the sense of security they feel being higher up and not just anyone can enter the building, giving a certain sense of protection. For extra safety, condo buildings often have a security guard or concierge at the front.

Gorgeous Views: The condo developments are often highrises. The higher you get, the more beautiful the scenery is. That is why most people enjoy being in higher suites.

Convenience: Condos offer tons of convenience often being built close to restaurants, shopping, schools, parks, and most amenities you need.

Amenities: The list of amenities your building might offer will vary, but there are often many desirable perks, such as a gym on-site, a pool, a community lounge, and more.

Less Maintenance: Living in a condo means you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn on a hot day and there is snow removal in the winter.

Less expensive: Condos are often less expensive than buying a larger detached home.

Cons of Condo Living

Space: You might find a condo to be too small for your liking. There is no backyard or garage and the layout is smaller than your average detached home. If you are someone that requires a lot of space, a driveway, or a garage, you won’t find it living in a condo.

Condo Fees: On top of the mortgage or rent you pay for living in a condo, there are also condo fees. This goes towards amenities in the building, keeping it clean and maintained, and that includes the maintenance and amenities that come with condo living.

Parking: Being that there is limited space in a condo building, the same goes for the parking. Often there is one designated spot, which could be outside or underground, and that could also be associated with an extra fee.

Privacy: Your neighbour is beside you and above and below you, depending on which level you live. There are requirements to be respectful to your surrounding neighbours and that means keeping noise levels down. If your suite has an outdoor patio, you are also going to be surrounded by other residents.

Lower resale value: Being that condos are cheaper than houses, that also means they sell at a lower amount. If you are looking for a long-term living arrangement or investment, you don’t have to worry about this as much.

New Condo developments in Uptown Waterloo

LivSmart Condos - 269 Sunview Street:

Developed by the Gillan Group, this six-story midrise building is in the heart of Waterloo’s University District. The architecture inside and out is contemporary and bold and offers a feeling of luxury-style living.

They are within walking distance of all amenities and, of course, Uptown and the public transit is excellent, with the LRT right outside the building. With a common lounge area and plenty of outdoor greenspace for residents, you can get to know your neighbours.

Families and working professionals alike will find this to be the perfect place to call home.

Strata Condos - 70 King Street North:

These urban-style condos will be 11 and 24 stories high and over 320 residents can enjoy the exquisite architecture and modern features. The amenities here are endless with gym, pool, event rooms, terraces, gardens, and more!

The area is conveniently located near services and amenities and is easy to get to on foot. The University is less than ten minutes away, along with some of the best parks in the downtown core. There are great investment opportunities at this location.

Framework Condos - 262 Albert Street:

Another gorgeous mid-rise, featuring contemporary urban living. This six-story development has left no stone unturned with state-of-the-art features and finishes. The neighbourhood is quaint and friendly and offers the perfect work/life balance.

Also in close proximity to shops, schools, parks, and several dining options a walk away. Walking distance to the University of Waterloo and easy access to Highway 401 and Highway 8.

One28 King Street Condos - 128 King Street North:

This modern-style 15-storey condo development is in the heart of Uptown Waterloo. Being located in this bustling neighbourhood, there is nothing short of amenities.

There is accommodation for everyone, with restaurants, shops, parks, and schools within walking distance.

Residents will have a concierge service and other perks included, such as a party room, study room, fitness centre with yoga studio, green roof terrace, top floor terrace with BBQs, and plenty of parking. This is the perfect spot for students and professionals.

Deciding where you want to live is not something to rush into. If you have decided a condo is going to be the right fit for you, we can help you find the perfect one in Uptown Waterloo. Contact us today!

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