Homes for Sale in Breslau

Homes for Sale in Breslau

Welcome to Breslau! This small-town east of Kitchener has become a home for thousands looking for a life connected to the city, that maintains a warm country-style vibe.

Is Breslau a Good Place to Live?

If you’re a new or expectant family looking for a small-town experience, Breslau, Ontario is essential to consider. The town sits snugly in the middle of the tri-cities, with its closest city of Kitchener being only five kilometers away. The connection to the cities makes career growth and opportunity ample and eliminates any rural isolation. When living in Breslau, expect an intricate and neighborly community to welcome you to their small-town experience. If you love the connection and convenience of living in a city, but wish to be separate from the high-paced nature, Breslau is the place to look.

The Real Estate Market in Breslau

In the quiet neighborhoods of Breslau, a range of style of homes can be found. Many smaller bungalow style homes perfect for cozy families can be found in the south portion of Breslau, complete with lots of property space, and great country views. If you’re after larger homes with a modern style, the north-west part of Breslau has been built up to accommodate the thousands of people wishing to join the small-town atmosphere.

Breslau covers approximately 5.4 square kilometers and is home to about 4,000 people (2016 census data). The population has grown significantly and has become a sought-after place to live. Home size and modernity will be reflected in the price, but worth considering is the community, the ample space, and easy access to the tri-cities that comes along with the purchase of a home in Breslau.

Investing in Breslau Real Estate

The desirability of small towns like Breslau is increasing with the growth of the tri-cities, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph. Buyers are after spacious, connected places to build families and set down roots. This is worth considering when selling or investing in Breslau. The small-town and communal feel of a property is sought after, and important to many buyers. With a new generation of home buyers entering the market and desiring exactly this type of experience, now is the perfect time to invest in homes in Breslau.

Economy & Employment

The town of Breslau has not strayed far from its roots. In the 1800s, German Mennonites settled in this area and established a dam, sawmill and grain mill. For many years, it was a hub for tradespeople to make their business. The town stuck with their German roots and kept the name Breslau and continued its growth alongside the tri-cities. It continues to be a great place to grow businesses, well supported by the communuty atmosphere.

Also in the 1800s, The Grand Trunk Railway was built and crossed through Breslau for many years on its way to Wellington County. Today, the town remains well connected. Proximity to Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph make living outside the city and holding a steady career realistic and practical. Close by are many manufacturing and agricultural industries, including Toyota Manufacturing in Cambridge, accessed off Fountain St. which is the major route through Breslau.

Things To Do

Breslau is a peaceful place to live, but there’s no shortage of entertainment close by. Bingemans entertainment is always on offer near to Breslau via Highway 7, providing quality, activities for you and your family. The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is about 5 kilometers from Breslau and is a great place to spend an afternoon with family and loved ones.

Another popular activity is making a trip to the Waterloo Regional Airport, just south of Breslau. On warm summer nights the area around the airport is crowded with those watching both small and commercial planes take off and land. For more formal entertainment, there are occasional airshows at the airport, which never fails to bring the community together.

Nature, Parks, and Trails

Breslau itself is surrounded by beautiful acres of natural and agriculture lands, providing beautiful and open views. In the centre of the town, Breslau Memorial Park has spaces for sporting, as well as playgrounds. It’s a great area to meet new families and create new connections. At Kolb Park along the Grand River, you’ll find great fishing sports, natural walking trails such as the Peter Hallman trail, perfect for walking with family and pets.


Breslau is situated on the Grand River, an essential part of the watershed of Waterloo Region. The river flows west of the town providing ample natural areas to hike and relax. The proximity of the river also allows significant wildlife to live in and around Breslau.


Highway 17 or Fountain St. is the major road running through Breslau. It connects the town to South Kitchener as well as to Cambridge. Breslau is also close to Highway 7 which connects easily to Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph. The town itself is quite small, making walking or biking through simple for daily errands and convenience.

Retirement Opportunities

If you’re looking to remain in the tri-city area, but wish for a quieter place to live, Breslau is the place to settle down and retire. Close access to the city means easy connections to family, friends, events, and services, without the high pace itself. Enjoy peaceful living in a place build for you in Breslau.


Breslau is a part of the Waterloo Regional District School board. Depending on the area of Breslau, children may attend both schools in Breslau and Kitchener.

  • Breslau Public School (K-8)
  • Crestview Public School (K-6)
  • Grand River Collegiate Institute (9-12)
  • Stanley Park Public School (7-8)
  • St. Boniface Catholic School (K-6)
  • St. John’s-Kilmarnock School (K-12)
  • Woodland Christian High School (9-12)

The small-town feel and look of Breslau coupled with the convenient distance from the city makes Breslau the idea place to continue to build and grow your family, retire after years of hard work or invest so others may continue to do the same. If this is the kind of community you are after, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.

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