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Centreville Chicopee Area in Kitchener

Welcome, welcome, one and all. It’s time for another of WRX Property Group’s assessments of Kitchener-Waterloo neighbourhoods. Today’s neighbourhood is (drum roll): Centreville-Chicopee in Kitchener! So let’s get our skis ready, because today we’re taking to the slopes of Chicopee.

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Centreville-Chicopee is found in the middle of the far eastern side of Kitchener. It’s the third easternmost neighbourhood in Kitchener, behind only Stanley Park and Pinegrove (both of which it borders). Centreville-Chicopee’s boundaries are made up approximately by the Grand River (and the border with Cambridge) in the east and southeast, and Highway 8 in the south and southwest.
Its northern border is somewhat irregularly shaped, but it roughly follows Fergus Avenue, then down River Road and along Fairway Road, and then down Janine Street until it hits the Grand River (you’d be forgiven for thinking the neighbourhood resembles an upside-down squid).

Centreville-Chicopee is a great place to own a home; in fact, it is on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of owners versus renters. Because of its access to activities, and its safe, suburban streets, its also a popular place for families.
The northeastern part of the neighbourhood, referred to by residents as Tremaine Park (after the park in the middle of it) is particularly appealing to families. It’s a fairly new development, with most of the residents having moved here within the past decade.
There are plenty of children here, and community involvement is very much encouraged. Neighbourhoods throughout Kitchener-Waterloo have Community or Neighbourhood Associations. These groups are run by residents of the neighbourhoods, and they strive to promote a sense of community and ensure there are fun activities available for fellow residents to enjoy.
The Centreville Chicopee Community Association (CCCA) represents the entire neighbourhood, organizing events and working on community projects. Prices for in Centreville-Chicopee here tend to range between the low $200 000s to around $800 000, with some properties valued over $1 million.
As always, we here at WRX Property Group are always happy to help, so if you’ve got any questions or concerns – or you’d like to know more about a specific neighbourhood or home – please contact us.

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Of course, one of the biggest draws (certainly the tallest) is obviously Chicopee Ski Club and Summer Resort. Chicopee has been a beloved part of Kitchener-Waterloo for over 80 years. It was opened by a group of businessmen who called themselves the ‘Dutch Companee’ (Dutch as in Deutsch, or German, as the members [like many Kitchener-Waterluvians] had German heritage) in 1934, as they saw the opportunities provided by the snowy Canadian winters.
At first, it was purely a ski club, but today it offers activities for all ages, in both snowy and green seasons. During the winter, guests can enjoy alpine skiing, snowboarding, and tubing (for those who like to combine the thrills of alpine skiing with the delight of taking an innertube down a waterslide).
Chicopee has 11 different trails (of varying difficulties) and several ski lifts. During the summer, Chicopee has facilities for rock-climbing, volleyball, tennis, disc golf, and more. Summer and winter camps are available (for several different age groups), and there are several options for memberships and day passes.

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Beyond Chicopee itself, Centreville-Chicopee has plenty of smaller green areas and parks within its boundaries. Among them are Schneider Park and Morrison Park, both sizable on their own, but perhaps most important for their lovely networks of trails, and their access to the Walter Bean Grand River Trail.
Before we get into that, Schneider Park has three soccer fields, a baseball diamond, and an open green space, and there are other areas to play sports in the neighbourhood. But distinctly, Centreville-Chicopee residents have great access to the Grand River, particularly through the aforementioned Walter Bean Trail.
This trail stretches 78 kilometers up and down the Grand River, touching each of the Tri-Cities (Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge), and providing stunning views, a great place for a jog, and pleasant spots for a stroll and a chat.


There are multiple shops and restaurants in the southern part of Centreville-Chicopee, particularly along King Street and Weber. Both Zehrs and Freshco are in this area for grocery, and there are plenty of options for food, with everything from pizza to steak.
Just a short drive southwest along Fairway Road leads to both Fairview Park Mall (the largest mall in Kitchener-Waterloo), and the huge, developed shopping area along Fairway. Centreville-Chicopee should be able to easily find anything they could want in these two bustling shopping areas.
The nearest branch of the Kitchener Public Library to Centreville-Chicopee is a few minutes north: the Grand River Stanley Park Community Library.



Cementing its reputation as a great neighbourhood for families, Centreville-Chicopee has several schools within its boundaries (Chicopee Hills Public School, Howard Robertson Public School, Saint John Paul II School, and Sunnyside Public School). I’d like to point out once more that not all neighbourhoods in Kitchener-Waterloo have a school within their boundaries, and the fact that Centreville-Chicopee has four is quite attractive for families there.
Students in the public school board (WRDSB) are zoned for either Chicopee Hills (if they live north of Chicopee Trail and Sims Estate Drive), or Howard Robertston (if they live south of these streets). Students who live south of Chicopee itself (in the area around Morrison Park), though still part of the Centreville-Chicopee neighbourhood, will be bussed to Franklin Public School, north of the neighbourhood.
Those schools serve Kindergarten to Grade Six; for Grades 7 and 8, students will attend Sunnyside Public School. For high school, they will attend Eastwood Collegiate Institute, just a few minutes up Weber Street (read all about it on the WRX article here).
Students in the Catholic board (WCDSB) will attend Saint John Paul II School for Kindergarten to Grade 6, St. Daniel Catholic Elementary School for Grades 7 and 8, and St. Mary’s Secondary School for high school (and depending on what part of the neighbourhood they live in, they are eligible for bussing).


Families and outdoors enthusiasts alike will find a whole lot to love about Centreville-Chicopee. Anyone who loves taking to the slopes in the snowy months is sure to find a happy home here.

Written by Will Kummer


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