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Hidden Valley Area in Kitchener

As we continue along with our series on the neighbourhoods of Kitchener and Waterloo, it’s time to look at a certain neighbourhood on the eastern half of Kitchener. What this neighbourhood lacks in overall number of streets, it makes up for in luxury and style. The neighbourhood in question is none other than: Hidden Valley.

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Hidden Valley is one of the most idyllic neighbourhoods in all of Kitchener-Waterloo. The relatively small residential area (concentrated primarily in the south and southeast) is surrounded by beautiful forests, replete with walking trails, verdant trees, and wild deer; and the Grand River, with a small green island in view.
In part due to its beautiful natural setting, but also because of the homes themselves, Hidden Valley has also earned its reputation as one of the most elite neighbourhoods in Kitchener. It is here that you’ll find a high concentration of luxury homes, with the average price for a home here climbing to over $1 million in 2017. For buyers in search of the most luxurious homes Kitchener has to offer, Hidden Valley deserves a closer look.
The properties in Hidden Valley are typically quite large, with long, manicured lawns, balconies, and for some properties, sheltered access to a beautiful segment of the Grand River. This is a very affluent neighbourhood, and driving (or walking) along its streets feels both serene and sheltered from the noise of downtown, for example.
Ornate lampposts and mature trees adorn the residential streets, and the long roads leading into the residential area provides a sense of escape from the city (while still being close enough to take advantage of what Kitchener has to offer).
Nearly every home in Hidden Valley is owned, as opposed to rented, and the majority of homes here are large, detached models. Indeed, as of 2016, almost 90 of the estate home lots in Kitchener are within Hidden Valley. It is a prestigious place, with undeniably impressive views of both the surrounding natural areas and the streets themselves. There are no real shopping or dining locations within the neighbourhood limits, as you’ll see, Hidden Valley may be hidden, but it’s not isolated.



Whether you’re taking advantage of the shopping opportunities along Fairway Road South, driving through the more industrial area of Parkway, or cruising along Highway 8, you wouldn’t necessarily expect a lovely little neighbourhood tucked away just next door. One might rightfully describe it as a ‘hidden valley.’
In terms of boundaries, Hidden Valley Road itself serves as a fairly accurate approximation of the neighbourhood’s northern and eastern borders. But the true limits of the neighbourhood stretch to Fairway Road South in the northwest; Highway 8 in the northeast; the Grand River from east to south; and Wabanaki Drive in the west.


What’s Nearby

Yet another benefit to Hidden Valley’s location is its access to one of the most vibrant shopping areas in all of Kitchener-Waterloo. Starting around the intersection of Fairway Road South and Manitou Drive, stretching along Fairway Road up to King Street East, and following King Street East up to the point it ‘becomes’ Weber Street East, there is an incredible variety of shops and restaurants to choose from.
The neighbourhood, intermittently known as Kingsdale, Vanier, or Fairview, is poised to be an area of much growth and development over the next few years. Fairview Park Mall, the largest mall in the Waterloo Region, is in the southeast corner of this neighbourhood (and thus, just a few minutes away from Hidden Valley).
Fairview Park Mall will serve as the southern terminus of the LRT (until the Cambridge section opens, several years down the line), an exciting prospect for nearby residents. Getting to Downtown Kitchener, Uptown Waterloo, and even Conestoga Mall in northern Waterloo will be simpler than ever. Furthermore, Cadillac Fairview (owner of the mall and the nearby land) has plans to transform the area into the elegant Grand Market District, with brick and cobblestone pathways and lanes.
Hidden Valley residents are perfectly positioned to take advantage of all this development, while not actually being in the midst of the construction and busy streets. The bustling atmosphere of the future Grand Market District, the transit links of the Fairway Station (LRT and numerous bus lines), and the wide range of shops and stores are within minutes, but Hidden Valley’s residential areas are well-insulated and private.

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Along the Highway, Across the River

Stepping away from these exciting changes for a moment, let’s look at another way Hidden Valley stands out: it has great access to the Conestoga Parkway. For those unfamiliar with the Conestoga Parkway, it is a network of highways (Highway 7, Highway 8, and Highway 85) that runs through several areas of Kitchener-Waterloo, covering an impressive amount of territory both north-south and east-west.
Hidden Valley residents need only drive north along Wabanaki Drive and turn right onto Fairway Road to get to the southbound branch of Highway 8. This leads to another popular shopping area (Sportsworld Crossing), not to mention the prestigious Deer Ridge Golf Club, in the Pioneer West neighbourhood across the Grand River from Hidden Valley.
Perhaps most importantly, though, is that Highway 8 leads directly to the 401. Whether you’re headed west toward London and beyond; or east toward Toronto, the GTA, Kingston, or even Quebec (and everything in between), the 401 is the way to do it.
Because of its close access to Highway 8, Hidden Valley is actually one of the most ideal neighbourhoods in Kitchener for anyone looking to use the 401 frequently (whether you commute to work, visit Toronto frequently, or value being connected to other Southern Ontario cities.



Hidden Valley is a prestigious, affluent neighbourhood. Between its estate homes, private location, beautiful forested areas, and coveted waterfront properties, it has much to offer buyers looking for the highest-end homes Kitchener has to offer.
While much of Hidden Valley’s appeal lies within the neighbourhood itself, it also has much to offer its residents nearby, as well. The entire area around Fairway Road is already replete with options for fine (and fast) dining, shopping, and entertainment. And as the Grand Market District comes into being, and the LRT starts running, it can be expected to continue to grow and prosper.
If you’d like to know more about this incredible part of our city, or you’re interested in buying a home here, please contact us. Our professional real estate team is ready to find you the home of your dreams. Finally, if you’d like to read more about luxury homes, feel free to read our article on that subject here.

Written by Will Kummer


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