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Morningside Retirement Community

Welcome to the WRX Property group’s website! We’ve embarked on a journey to visit a range of retirement communities across Kitchener-Waterloo and the wider Waterloo Region.

Today, we’ll be venturing beyond the borders of Kitchener-Waterloo to visit one of the finest places for retirees looking to maintain an active lifestyle: the Morningside Retirement Community.

The Morningside Retirement Community (and the Morningside Retirement Village) is a little slice of paradise. It’s hard to imagine a better place for residents over the age of 55 who are still looking to lead an active, fun-filled life.

The Morningside Retirement Village was established in 1988, and it now consists of 298 single family homes, spread out over 120 acres of space.

Here, you’ll find a whole community of people like you, looking to get the most out of life, as well as a dedicated, friendly, and above all professional staff.
Let’s take a look at what Morningside has to offer!


The Morningside Retirement Village is located in New Hamburg, Ontario, which is part of Wilmot Township (which, in turn, is part of the wider Regional Municipality of Waterloo).

It’s a beautiful, picturesque area, and though it is obviously much smaller than Kitchener-Waterloo, New Hamburg does have a population of around 8000.

There are several restaurants and shops within New Hamburg, including a No Frills for groceries and a Tim Hortons. The lovely Nith River flows through New Hamburg, and the Morningside Retirement Village is directly adjacent to one of its bends.

Indeed, Morningside Retirement Village residents’ access to the Nith River is a distinct benefit to the community’s location, and there is a great trail nearby (with a pedestrian bridge that leads to the Oak Grove Cheese Factory).

The Morningside Retirement Community has excellent access to both the New Hamburg community, and the great, green rural expanses beyond.


The Morningside Retirement Community differs from most of the other Retirement Communities we’ve covered insofar as it’s, in some ways, its own little village. Rather than purchasing or renting suites or apartments in a larger facility, residents here purchase a home within the community.

All of the homes are 1-storey bungalows, but there is a wide range of sizes and layouts available. Some models have a garage, some have en suite bathrooms, some have a porch… the homes have various features spread out over nine distinct models, meaning you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

In terms of size, homes range from around 900 square feet up to over 1400 square feet. You can always check the list of homes available through Morningside’s website here, both to get an idea of prices, and what model you’d like.

You can check out the layouts of each model with the following links: Balmoral; Carlyle; Chelsea; Devonshire; Kensington; Kent; Sheffield; Sutton; and Waverly.

The homes here are lovely, but part of the benefit to living here is the communal areas. The large, extensive community garden is a great, and productive, place to spend some time.

With a well-stocked library, you’ll be able to enjoy books on a wide range of topics (both fiction and non-fiction), both for leisure and to learn something new.

The nearby Nith River is perfect for walkers and nature lovers, and there is a quaint (but not too small) pond within the Morningside Retirement Village itself.

With the waving reeds that surround it, as well as the blooming flowers that abound, it’s an area that lends itself to quiet contemplation.

The fitness room and swimming pool are excellent for healthy living: you can take advantage of both cardio and anaerobic equipment, and participate in fun exercise programs like Aqua Fit. This is just a sampling – there are more places for you to enjoy, too, as well as more activities.

Speaking of which…


One of the key benefits of life in the Morningside Retirement Community is the wide range of events and activities hosted here. After your retirement, and once you become a resident here, it’s entirely up to you how you spend your time.

You have the ability to get involved in a wide range of activities, or you can relax – or even better, a bit of both. You can enjoy tests of skill like darts and horseshoes.

There are billiard tables available for pool sharks, pool sharks-in training, and even casual participants just looking for a little fun. There’s always time for multiple card games, including, of course, poker.

These games mostly take place in the library, in which there is ample seating, as well as a variety of tabletop games, and public computer available for residents.

In terms of outdoor activities, there are several options. Bocce ball is a favourite, and there are also a meticulously maintained putting green and a golf net perfect for golf enthusiasts.

As mentioned before, there are public trails nearby, as well as areas in the community for walking and biking.

Activities inside the gym facility include pickleball (a paddle sport that is best described as an amalgamation of tennis, badminton, and table tennis [note: no actual pickles are involved]) and shuffleboard. If you’re keen to create something, there’s woodworking, crafts, gardening, and more.

Finally (and please note that these are just some of the activities available), the Morningside Retirement Community hosts community-wide events throughout the year, including both barbecues and potlucks.


The Morningside Retirement Village is perfect for individuals aged over 55, looking to find a home in an active community that offers residents everything from companionship to plentiful amenities.

Activities and events are organized throughout the year (you need never be bored here), there are a variety of clubs to participate in, and the facilities themselves are designed to make your life better.

The location in the lovely little community of New Hamburg is a major perk: there’s plenty to see and do within New Hamburg itself, and the landscape is simply beautiful. You can contact Morningside here, if you’d like to know more or schedule a tour.

Finally, if you’re looking to sell your current property before moving to Morningside, WRX Property Group can help you throughout the process.

Written by Will Kummer

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