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Why It’s Great to Get a New Build Home

First of all, what is a New Build Home? Well, it’s just that: a newly-built home. When you move into a new build home, you’ll be the first person living there, and there’s something special in that.

Let’s take a look at why it’s great to get a new build home.

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Renovating an existing home can take a lot of money, and a lot of time. In some cases, a new build home is built to standardized specifications (particularly if you’ve discovered a new build home after it’s already been built).

This isn’t a problem, as they’ll still feature modern design and new appliances (more on those later). But in many cases, you’ll actually be able to get a say in how the new build home is built; you can have elements of the home built to your specifications.

Do you use a specific Internet service? You can have the right wires ready and waiting for you. Are you more of a quartz countertop connoisseur, or a soapstone countertop savant? You can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Depending on the development firm, you may have more or less say on what you can tweak or change, but new built homes afford buyers the unique opportunity to walk into the home they’ve always dreamed of without having to exert too much effort.

So whether it’s hardwood floors or cushy carpeting, new build homes can be built just for you.


A Modern Touch

Houses come in and out of style; different design principles and aesthetic ideals last for a while, but not indefinitely. As it stands, there are many homes that haven’t been touched for decades (or even centuries), and while there is a certain appeal to a wood panelled den straight out of the ‘70s, many people appreciate a more modern touch.

People who buy an older home often choose to invest some money in redecorating or redesigning, to bring it into the present. These costs can add up, and it’s something new build home owners won’t have to worry about: new build homes are already modern.

The latest stylistic touches are popular for a reason, and new build homes can be quite visually impressive. But it’s not just the aesthetic side of things that matters: ease of use and comfortable living – performance over mere appearance – are at the heart of new design principles.

Open-concept living; walk-in closets; state-of-the-art appliances; spacious, eat-in kitchens with functional islands – these are all elements that can make your life in a new build home simpler and more enjoyable. Modern design ideals blend beauty with function, much like quartz or soapstone kitchen countertops or a sleek electric cooktop.

Speaking of appliances…


Appliances: In Some Cases, Newer Is Better

New build homes will typically be stocked with the latest appliances. So this means that not only will you be able to benefit from the years of improvements on any given device, but also that you won’t have to worry about replacing anything for a long while.

This second point is extremely significant: nobody enjoys unexpected repair costs, and with a new build home fully-equipped with never-before-used appliances, repairs should not be an issue. In terms of specifics, technology has come a long way in heating and cooling, for example.

Beyond functional elements like ‘Smart Thermostats’ (monitor your home’s temperature from your phone!), overall efficiency has gone through the roof. How? By insulating the roof better, for one thing. New build homes will be more energy efficient than older homes, due to better overall design and newer, certified appliances, which you should notice (and appreciate) when bills come due (the planet would probably thank you too, if it could speak).

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A Whole New Neighbourhood

It’s easy to get lost in the allure of a new build home simply due to the home itself, but an important factor to consider is the neighbourhood the home is being built in. The majority of new build homes will be built in either entirely brand new neighbourhoods, or on the limits of a fairly new neighbourhood.

New build homes will usually be in quite suburban neighbourhoods, and often on the periphery of a city. Downtown areas are usually older and more extensively developed; thus, most of the homes there will be resales.

A brand new neighbourhood means a few things: you and your new neighbours will all be starting at the same level, so you’ll get to play a role in determining what your neighbourhood is all about.

Initiatives like the City of Kitchener’s ‘Love My Hood,’ and the range of Neighbourhood and Community Associations throughout Kitchener-Waterloo, all highlight an important point: a sense of community is important to the residents of the Region of Waterloo.

A brand new neighbourhood provides you with a built-in community, with a shared goal: making the neighbourhood a great place to live. The Williamsburg Community Association in Kitchener is a great example of this.

Beyond this, new build homes also give you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor (so to speak) of a hot market. Developers wouldn’t develop new homes in an area if they weren’t confident in the market there, so your new build home can also be seen as a safe investment that will retain (and, indeed, increase in) value.

This is true to a great extent in Kitchener-Waterloo: the southwest area of Kitchener, for example, is absolutely flourishing in terms of real estate, and there’s likely to be high demand for homes in this region for years to come.



As you can see, new build homes really do have quite a few advantages. But of course, there are some negatives to consider. For one thing, the ‘new neighbourhood’ aspect can be a mixed blessing: it means there may be construction projects nearby, and it also means that many attractions (like downtown areas) are a drive away; it may also take public transit a little while to fully integrate a new community into its network.

Sometimes, for unforeseeable reasons, construction can be delayed – this means that you might need to be flexible with your move-in date. And finally, some people like the location, the character, and the sometimes lower price point per square foot of more historic homes.

You should keep these things in mind when looking to buy a home; it’s not a bad idea to see a few resale homes in addition to new build homes (even if you’ve got your heart set on a brand new home).

WRX Property Group is based in Kitchener-Waterloo, and we’re passionate about the real estate market here, and in the surrounding area (including Cambridge and Guelph). If you’d like to know more about new build homes, or if you’d like us to apply our expertise to your home-buying journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Written by Will Kummer


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