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About Us

WRX Property Group is at your service to help you in your real estate journey (big or small). Proudly serving Waterloo and Wellington regions for years, we bring to the table a powerful combination of detailed market knowledge, a proactive and strategic approach to achieving our clients' goals, and above all, friendly, informative, and open customer service.

Follow the links below to read more about our track record, as well as what we do to help meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

You can also read further down to see other resources we offer, such as detailed home searches, an advanced real estate platform for our members, an abundance of informational articles, and more.

Member Area

Our member area is an advanced property search portal, featuring a variety of tools to help you stay on top of the market and be the first to know.

This is your homebase for all your real estate needs.

It includes: first-to-know listing notifications, detailed property filters that help you narrow your search further than anything else on the market, free online home price evaluations for any property, a favourites catalogue so you can stay on top of your best picks, and much more.

Member sign-up is free and open to everyone. You can sign up by going to the link below and clicking "Register" .

If you're an existing member, you can fill in your user info and proceed to your dashboard.

Free Online Home Evaluation

One of our most useful tools for home owners is the online home evaluation. It's free to use, open to everyone, and all you need to do is enter an address.

This is also helpful for buyers who are trying to understand how much homes are selling for.

Whether you're selling, buying, or investing, it's always important to know how much the market value of your target property is. This tool achieves exactly that, in mere moments, and all for free online.

If you fill out this form, you will receive a detailed report on the address of your choice. Try it out!

Our Advanced Home Search Portal (with Notification Options)

We have a detailed and advanced property search portal on our website. We've put in great effort to make it the most complete database on the market, along with some of the most customizable criteria you'll see in the region.

The goal here is to make sure you are able to find exactly what you're looking for, down to the smallest details, and all for free.

This home search function is open to anyone who wants to make use of it, without any obstruction or obligation.

Search for Homes by Area or Type

As part of our repertoire of home search resources, we also have specific pages that dive into aspects that our clients might be searching for.

This includes searches by city, neighbourhood, property type, school district, and even building or subdivision addresses. If you want to go for a pre-selected assortment of available listings, try one of the options below.

These options also include an abundance of information regarding the city, area, property type, and even specific address you are looking at.

So, not only will you be able to see the latest listings of interest, you'll also be able to learn more about the properties and areas themselves.

Sell Your Home

Selling your home is always a big move and a big decision. For most people their home is their largest asset. This is why we treat the sale of a home very seriously.

We employ pro-active and thoughtful strategies to make sure you get the highest price for your home. We also make a point to ensure that our clients are kept up to date about market conditions, the price of their home, and everything we're doing in order to maximize the sale value for them.

If you want to learn more about our track record and how we operate, please read on in the links below.


We pride ourselves in having excellent relationships with investors. This is because of our heavily information-based and scientific approach to understanding the market.

We understand the numbers, the real estate details, and the human aspects of the market to a very great extent, and we are always excited to talk about investment or development prospects.

Our expertise and knowledge are substantiated by the wealth of information we provide on our website, the valuable online tools we strive to offer to users, and ultimately, the market insight we can discuss with you when you decide to reach out and talk to us.

If you're an investor, we're happy to help you out. You can contact us, or click below to read some of our investment resources.