Safest Areas to Live in Kitchener-Waterloo

Safety is a very significant factor for home buyers when they are searching for a new neighbourhood to call home, especially for families with children.

Low crime rates, traffic volume, and general location are all important elements to consider when it comes to neighbourhood safety. For those looking to settle in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, there are many areas that are considered very safe to live in.

Taking into account the crime rates for each area according to the latest numbers from Statistics Canada, this article will highlight five of the safest neighbourhoods in the KW region.

Let’s take a look at our top 5 picks for the safest areas to live in Kitchener-Waterloo!

Doon South in Kitchener

Doon South is a beautiful area on the southern tip of Kitchener. Bordering the countryside on New Dundee Road, this area is home to higher-end detached houses, townhomes, and new subdivisions. This quiet, low-traffic neighbourhood is the ideal spot to raise a family and enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Very close to Highway 401, this neighbourhood is a short drive to all the necessary amenities and plenty of retail and entertainment outlets. Groh Public School is located in Doon South and several other elementary schools are in the vicinity.

Doon South is a nature lovers' paradise, with several large green spaces in the area including; Blair Creek and Doon Creek Natural Area, Tilt’s Trail, and White Owl Sugar Bush. This neighbourhood is a short drive to Conestoga College, making it an ideal location for families with college-aged kids still living at home.

Considered to be very safe, this area has incredibly low crime rates. Total crime in Doon South is 60% lower than the national average, violent crime is 59% lower and property crime is 61% lower.

Grand River South in Kitchener

Grand River South is a neighbourhood on the northeast edge of Kitchener. With plenty of newer, detached houses and townhomes, this area is attractive to families and couples alike. This community is home to a Catholic elementary school and several parks and playgrounds.

Located next to the Grand River, residents can enjoy the quiet and tranquility of the area’s trails and river-related activities. Chicopee Ski and Tube Park are just minutes away for those who enjoy outdoor winter activities. Due to the almost rural location of this safe area, essential amenities are a short drive away, with Fairway Road as the closest major artery to retail and other services.

Grand River South also has very low crime rates according to the statistics, with its total crime rate coming in at 45% below the national average, violent crime is 43% below, and property crime is at 46% below.

Beechwood in Waterloo

Beechwood is a large area in the central-west part of Waterloo. This neighbourhood is made up of Beechwood, Upper-Beechwood, and Beechwood West. Comprised of a variety of housing types, Beechwood is home to everything from detached houses built in the 1980s to new apartment-style condominiums.

This area is close to amenities, specifically the Beechwood Centre Shopping Mall, complete with a Zehrs grocery store, and Costco is just a short drive down Erb St. W. This safe, family-friendly neighbourhood is home to several elementary schools as well as a middle school and is close to Clair Lake Park natural area and hiking trails.

Crime rates in Beechwood are low, with total crime rates coming in at 39% below the national average, violent crime at 36% below, and property crime at 40% below.

Eastbridge in Waterloo

Eastbridge is a neighourhood located in the northeast end of Waterloo. Home to several elementary schools, this very safe, family-oriented area is a great place to set down roots.

Although not super-close to amenities and a bit of a drive to major transportation routes, what this area lacks in accessibility, it makes up for in natural resources. Just minutes from the Grand River, residents can enjoy easy access to Snyder’s Flats Conservation area, complete with Kiwanis Dog Park.

For those looking for a home in the safest area possible, this is it! According to the statistics, this neighbourhood is perhaps the safest in KW. With the total crime rate sitting at 63% below the national average, violet crime coming in at 62% below, and property crime sitting at 64% below average, Eastbridge is undoubtedly a safe area to live.

Laurelwood in Waterloo

Laurelwood is a relatively new area on the west side of Waterloo. A highly desirable neighbourhood for families with children, this area has it all. Located close to all the essential amenities, one is never more than a few minutes from grocery stores, banks, coffee shops, or take-out treats.

Lined with newer single-family detached homes, as well as townhomes, the streets of Laurelwood are not considered major transportation routes and are relatively quiet. Laurelwood Public School is a high-ranking elementary school and it is not uncommon to see the neighbourhood children crowding the sidewalks on their way to and from school or playing in their yards.

The north end of the neighbourhood borders the Laurel Creek Conservation Area, a large natural space complete with trails and a reservoir. Unsurprisingly, this is an attractive feature of living in Laurelwood and is a popular destination for activity and learning for local residents.

One of the safest of all areas in KW for crime, Laurelwood also boasts incredibly low rates according to Statistics Canada. The total, general level of crime in the area is 63% below the national average, violent crime is 61% below and property crime is 63% below.


So there you have it, five fantastic, safe areas in Kitchener-Waterloo to call home. With a wide range of property types and price points to choose from, home buyers interested in finding a safe neighbourhood in Kitchener-Waterloo are sure to find what they are looking for.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on which neighbourhoods are considered safe or with any other questions you may have. We are happy to help!