Sell Your Home Fast in KW, Cambridge, and Guelph Area

Sell Your Home Fast in KW, Cambridge, and Guelph Area

Greetings! Welcome to the WRX Property Group website and blog; thank you for joining us! Today we’ve got a subject to discuss that is close to our hearts (and perhaps yours, too). How can you sell your home fast in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and the Guelph area? It may be a simple question, but it deserves a complex answer.

Here's what we'll cover:

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How Does Selling Fast Work?

The first thing to make note of is that dealing in real estate is a rather involved process. At each step of the process, there are multiple things to be aware of (don’t worry — we are going to go through things step by step here so you can see what we mean).

Both sides of the coin — selling a property and buying a new property; selling your home and buying a one — require care and attention, and it is a time consuming process, especially if you (like many people) are looking to do both at around the same time.

First of all, there are all of the logistical concerns that come in between the initial posting and the eventual closing, which are themselves quite time consuming. Steps include: prepping to sell; listing the house and showing it to buyers; moving yourself, and your belongings, out of the house; and then, of course, actually closing.

In addition to all of that, there is an abundance of paperwork all around; figuring out which mortgage is best for you and getting it all set up; and a whole slew of legalities. Put bluntly, and to quote the wise child, Charlie Brown, himself: “Good grief!”

It’s no wonder that when people decide to sell their house, they often want to get it all done as quickly as possible — as quickly and as painlessly as possible. A drawn-out process can quite simply feel like simply extending the stress.

Beyond this, there may also be a range of extenuating circumstances. Perhaps there is a specific timeline you’re working with, or there is a particular schedule you need to meet: in these cases, you do not want the sale process to be an obstacle or an impediment.

And so, bearing all of this in mind, what’s the best path forward for you? The answer is pretty simple: the best possible option is to hire a realtor.

Not only do you not need to take on the pressure of the sale process on your own, but you can also ensure you have someone experienced with and dedicated to working with real estate pursuing your best interests.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific details that we (and all of our realty colleagues out there) do on a day to day basis for our clients.

The major areas in which access to a realtor will save you time are: logistics and planning; personal and professional connections; market awareness; marketing expertise; and closing experience. But that’s the brief version — see below for the specifics!

Logistics: Getting Things Done

Firstly, by employing a real estate agent, you have someone on your side, running around so that you don’t have to. And what’s more is that person will know exactly what they’re doing — we’ve done this hundreds of times.

Having the extra pair of eyes, hands and legs (not to mention head and shoulders, knees and toes) at your disposal speeds everything up significantly.

As the saying goes, an extra pair of eyes, hands and legs is better than not an extra pair of eyes, hands and legs (or at least, I think that’s the way it goes).

Furthermore, in addition to the many transactions we’ve seen go smoothly and predictably, we have seen plenty of unexpected or unusual scenarios and worked through them on behalf of our clients.

We have an idea of most of the things that can go wrong, and we have the tools and contingencies in place to anticipate, adjust, accommodate for and overcome any difficulties.

We take all of this on so that: 1) You don’t have to do the work yourself; and 2) You don’t have to navigate the rough patches on your own and figure things out on the fly. And of course, foreknowledge and preparedness are major help with the overall speed of the process, too.

Connections: Bringing People Together

Over the years, we’ve amassed connections with many professionals within the real estate world and related industries. From mortgage brokers and lawyers to home inspectors and home photographers, and all the way to contractors and other realtors, we have cultivated working relationships with a wide range of confident, competent individuals and teams.

In working with us, these existing relationships will also be accessible to you.

For one thing, this means you don’t need to invest the time into trying to find a great mortgage broker, a reliable lawyer or a trustworthy contractor, parsing through reviews and making calls at every step along the way.

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve vetted these professionals for quality after years of working with them and seeing their work first hand. We work with and recommend people who have proven track records, so our clients get the best value and protection.

The Market

Knowledge of the local real estate market is essential when putting your house on the market. The biggest question, and one of the very first questions, is what to price it at.

Ensuring that you strike that balance between attracting offers and optimizing value depends on not only an awareness of the current market — what’s on sale now or just sold recently — but also a sense of where things are trending.

Beyond the listing price, it’s also crucial to know how to handle offers, and how to negotiate.

This can be a stressful experience: Do you accept an early offer that seems pretty good? Or do you try holding out for more? Our extensive marketing knowledge, and our years of experience negotiating favourable transactions for our sellers, will alleviate much of this stress and help you breeze past these critical, often difficult hurdles, confident that you are making an informed decision and achieving your desired results.

The Market-ing: Spreading the Word

Once the initial steps are sorted out, with all of the prices and timelines sorted out (but before negotiations will begin), there is the matter of advertising your home and attracting qualified buyers. This, too, is an involved process, and there’s a lot that goes into getting the word out about your home.

To this end, we will make use of our wide network of realtor colleagues to get your property onto people’s radar and connect you to motivated buyers. Furthermore, through our access to the massive MLS system and our savvy, time-proven local marketing efforts, we make sure you’re getting plenty of eyes are on your property.

Once we have gotten the word out, we invite interested parties to view, we thoroughly screen potential buyers to ensure your protection, and we negotiate steadfastly in your favour.

Closing Timeline: I Know Who I Want to Buy My Home

One final (though also quite key) aspect is the time it takes for the property to close. This on its own can impact your timeline, potentially taking up more time than expected.

This process typically takes some time, in order to allow the buyer to make arrangements to move in (usually this is in the area of 3 months).

That being said, some closing times can be significantly shorter, whether that be just 1 month, or even as short as a week, depending on the arrangements made.

In this area, too, we will help to ensure the smoothest, most efficient timeline possible. We can help you negotiate a shorter closing time with prospective buyers, while also making sure to match you with people who are willing and able to close sooner, thereby reducing the typical 3 month timespan (sometimes significantly).

Can I Just Sell My Home "As Is" for Cash Without Listing It? (It Depends)

One option that some home owners may have come across, are the "cash offer"/"as is" proposal. You may have seen it on a billboard or poster, you might have even received a letter in the mail, a coldcall, or even someone at your door inquiring about it.

The answer to this question isn't exactly straightforward. There are pros and cons that need to be considered carefully and patiently.

If you want a head's up on what to avoid and how to spot the red flags, you can read our post on the topic here.

The long story short is that it can be beneficial in very specific cases, however it can be debatable whether it is a good idea or not. The bottom line is understanding what you're dealing with and what you're being offered.

Generally, we advise that people list on the market with the help of a certified realtor, and put it on the agent to market the home swiftly.

The market in KW, Cambridge, and Guelph is particularly fast paced, and bids on homes that are for sale are typically very generous. This puts the seller at an advantage: in terms of negotiation leverage, in terms of final price, and it terms of closing time (overall speed).

In some very specific cases, it may be advantageous to just go for an "as is" offer from an investor or real estate company. Sometimes it does work out better.

This is only in some cases, depending on your timeline and the property itself. Specifically, if either your timeline is incredibly short (0 days, right now), or if your property needs a lot of work (like a fixer upper), or both.

If that is the case, you may benefit from such an offer, however at all times it's incredibly important to understand who you're dealing with, the nature of the offer, and overall what the value of your home is in the current market.

If this is the path you'd like to take, we do offer help for people who want to navigate and negotiate a "cash"/"as is" offer from a third party.

We also have our own Home Buying Program where, if qualified, we may offer you an opportunity to sell your home on the spot to us.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Final Thoughts

All of this adds up in our long-standing track record of rapid, profitable, and efficient sales: we’ve been committed to working with a wide range of sellers (and buyers) in this and nearby regions, and we will work tirelessly to ensure the best (and fastest, most efficient) results for you.

Most importantly to note, though, is that our speed comes from efficiency, never from cutting corners. We are fast because we know what we’re doing and we work effectively, combining the pace of an Olympic sprinter with the consistency of an Olympic marathon runner.
Furthermore, we avoid and limit delays by bypassing or alleviating unexpected scenarios through our established network of professionals, whom we leverage to clear all obstacles like an Olympic hurdler.

We know that selling your home can be simultaneously daunting and exhilarating. We also know that sometimes, you want the process to go as quickly as it possibly can. We value your time and will prioritize your timeline, working hard and fast so you don’t have to worry.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re always happy to discuss real estate (and if you don’t have much time, we can even make the call quick)!