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Waterloo Heights Retirement Community

Hello, and welcome to the WRX Property group website and blog. We’re looking into Kitchener-Waterloo’s retirement communities, ensuring you can find the perfect place to fit your needs.

Today we’ll be checking out Waterloo Heights Retirement Community, which is located in southern, central Waterloo, at 170 Erb Street West.

The Waterloo Heights Retirement Community is in the Westmount neighbourhood (you can read about the neighbourhood in its WRX article here). It’s truly a great location.

The beautiful, incredibly spacious Waterloo Park is just a few minutes away (sitting by Silver Lake, enjoying the natural setting and the interconnected trails nearby is a joy).

Just east of the Waterloo Heights Retirement Community is Uptown Waterloo itself – one of the nicest areas in all of Kitchener-Waterloo. Uptown Waterloo has plenty to see and do, with quite a few shops, fine dining, cafés, and more.

You can find out more about Uptown here.

So we’ve established that Waterloo Heights Retirement Community’s location is quite nice – but what about the community itself? The Waterloo Heights apartments are located in a beautiful green area, with trees and pathways for residents and visitors to enjoy.

It’s like having your own little park, right on your doorstep. The building itself is nine-storeys tall, and it’s shaped in a distinctive ‘Y’ shape. Be sure to check out this virtual tour of the Waterloo Heights Community Centre (link here).

Included are pictures of the apartments themselves, the building, the grounds, the lounge and dining areas, the patio, and more.


One of the major benefits of life in a retirement community is right there in the name: the community! And Waterloo Heights has quite a few communal areas for residents to enjoy. First of all is the lounge area.

This comfortable, fully-furnished lounge provides ample seating areas (comfy couches and colourful wing chairs abound) and a big screen TV, and it’s a great place to meet friends (and fellow residents) and enjoy some quality time together.

It’s also not a bad place to bring a book. Speaking of which, there is a reasonably-sized library within the Waterloo Heights Community Centre, and the main branch of the Waterloo Public Library is quite nearby, too.

Another great area is the large recreation room, which has quite a few tables and chairs (great for card games), computers, a kitchen area, a world map, and even a piano (to serenade and be serenaded by).

There is a carpeted, well-lit dining area with soft chairs and numerous tables, as well as a buffet area (an open, inviting place to enjoy the nutritious meals included with residence).

The outside patio is one of Waterloo Heights’ highlights: with beautiful gardens, shaded seating areas, and a plush swinging bench, it’s a great place to spend a warm summer’s day (there are barbecues on the patio, as well).

The landscaped garden areas around the community, and the various trees, are lovely to look upon (and great for the air quality, too). There are both indoor and outdoor parking available (protected by surveillance cameras), and the entrance to the community centre is secured.

Resident managers are on-site and available 24-hours a day.


There are a variety of community suites to choose from, but each apartment shares several things in common. Each unit has a distinct living room area large enough to host several guests, or perfect simply for relaxing.

Each unit also features a separate bedroom, a four-piece bathroom (with safety railing), and a kitchenette (with both a stove and a refrigerator). In terms of sizes, there are one-, two-, and three-bedroom units available.

Each unit has plenty of room for residents’ own furniture and personal belongings, and every suite has a private balcony – many units feature a balcony as long as the apartment itself! Two- and three-bedroom suites also include en suite bathrooms.

Each apartment has smoke detectors, and the entire building is equipped with modern fire protection systems – these, as well as the secure entrance and on-site managers ensure you can feel safe here. Each floor has lockers available, as well as laundry facilities.

Personal laundry is one of the services available for residents, as well as weekly housekeeping, and chauffeur service for any medical appointments, and shopping needs. Waterloo Heights has its very own chef, who is responsible for the range of meals provided for residents.

Both flavour and nutrition are on the chef’s list of priorities, and all it takes is one look at the month’s upcoming meals (link here) to see that there is a great variety for the prepared lunches and dinners.

Residents can come down to the dining room for a continental breakfast, too.


There are quite a few ways for residents to get involved at the Waterloo Heights Community Centre.

The Residents Council enables residents and their families to impact the community itself: it’s a way to voice your opinion, and the opinions of fellow residents, ensuring that the community is the best version of itself.

Spiritual gatherings are available throughout the week. Fitness and exercise activities are available, and of course they’re a great way to keep healthy and positive.

In terms of entertainment, there are a variety of musical opportunities, as well as fun activities like movie nights to enjoy.

Another fantastic option is for continuing education. As you may know, Kitchener-Waterloo has numerous options for education (with its two universities, Waterloo certainly has a well-earned reputation for its educational opportunities). Excitingly, local professors sometimes visit Waterloo Heights to give engaging lectures on a variety of topics.

There are also practical lessons available on things like using computers, and renewing drivers’ licenses. Finally, residents can participate in group social-outings, to areas such as the aforementioned Waterloo Park and Uptown Waterloo.

The best way to get a sense of what’s available is simply to check this month’s activity schedule (link here).

As you can see, there’s a range of activities almost every day – from the morning coffee club to the various game sessions, there are many ways to get involved here.


The Waterloo Heights Community Centre is a great place to retire to, with many options for its residents to enjoy.

You can find their contact information here, if you want to know more or schedule a tour.

If you’re interested in selling your property, please feel free to contact WRX Property Group, and we’d be happy to help!

Written by Will Kummer

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